No Horror in These Movie and TV Ratings Unless Really Bad Stuff Scares You.

May Movie and TV Reviews and Ratings 

Hey, as much as we don’t want to always admit it, we all watch movies and TV. Yes, we do! Today I’m sharing my short list of things I like and things I don’t. 

I’m giving you ratings based on a scale of 1-10. Ten is the highest.


The Power of the Dog

With this movie you get to watch some of the most talented actors of our day act in an extremely boring and frustrating movie. Loads of worn out cliches. We got bored and stopped watching about halfway through. 

Rating: 2

Old Henry

Set on a ranch around 1900. A father and son fight off intruders. Lots of good twists and turns. I’m not giving anything away. It does get violent.

Rating: 9

C’mon C’mon

Filmed in black and white, C’mon C’mon is a realistic take on the old Uncle taking a niece/nephew on a road trip movie. Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Norman, and Gaby Hoffman play family members dealing with relationships, mental health issues, and life in general. It is such a wonderful meaningful movie. I have no idea why this film didn’t get loads of Oscar nominations, including Joaquin Phoenix. 

Rating: 10

Series – streaming, cable, and regular network Tee Vee.


We used to enjoy this series. What happened? Did the writers die or get a better offer somewhere else. Somebody else has to be writing this now. The plot got stupid. The writing is awful. Every character speaks as if they’re trying to only talk in metaphors and trendy over the top snarky and uninspiring dialogue. Different mouths open and speak but it is all the same. We stopped watching after the second installment this season. We haven’t gone back.

Rating: -1


Holy shit. 

Rating: 8

Cobra Kai

This is so bad and so campy. Watching this is like being stoned without smoking anything. Mindless stupid fun. 

Rating: Acting 4, Production value 4, WTF value 9 

The Black List

See my comments on Billions. They totally lost me this season. The story line is something only maybe the writers care about. The writing is really bad this season. We don’t care about the characters anymore. The plot is just stupid. We don’t give a fuck who killed Liz. It is just boring. Use this as a cure for insomnia if you must.

Rating: 5

The Curse of Oak Island 

Rick and Marty and their gang continue to pour millions into holes to nowhere, only to find a lot of old nails, rocks, mud, wood, parts of old ships, and buttons. If there ever was a treasure it is long gone. Never the less the gang drags viewers through the dirt for yet another season of nothing. Just a bunch of middle aged men bragging about their wood. I also forgot that they mention The Knights Templars a lot. This program is great for anyone wanting to start a drinking game. 

Rating: 3


A wonderful series about Julia Child. Sarah Lancaster is simply BRILLIANT and absolutely wonderful as Julia Child. David Hyde Pierce is just precious as her devoted. husband Paul Child. The rest of the cast including the lovely Brittany Bradford as Julia’s producer is just a joy to watch. I love this series so much.

Rating: 10+

The Flight Attendant

The second season of fun and weirdness has begun and does not disappoint. Starring Kaley Cuoco, the show takes on the twists and turns of mystery, murder, friendship, humor, and weirdness in the life of an impulsive flight attendant and her friends, family and co-workers. 

Rating: 10


The first season of this new comedy just finished. It is absolutely precious and so much fun. I LOVE THIS SHOW. It is so funny and smart and unexpected. If you like humor, especially twisted sweet historic humor, you’ll love this one.

Rating: 10+

This Flag Means Death

I wanted to love this comedy about pirates so much. I really wanted to love it. I was bored. The humor wasn’t very funny. I was sadly disappointed. This makes me sad.

Rating: 5

I’ll be back hopefully next Thursday with more movie and TV reviews. Until then, stay safe, be kind, talk to your kids, and kiss a Vampire.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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