Murder House

My daughter said, “I bet it’s really a murder house where they’ll throw your bones in a furnace then put your skull on the mantel.”

I love being a parent.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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Small and Precious Ghosts


No amount of time can take away the love or the wonder of a small child – it lasts forever – even after those brief moments are gone from our physical world the love is still with all of us.20130430-152227.jpg

Keeping Time with my Vampire Family

Sometimes as adults we fall into the same roles we had as children. Or at least some people want us to. I’m married to my older brother’s best friend. They have been friends since childhood. Childhood was a long time ago for them (they were both born in 1849).

So Max is standing out on the deck with me watching the moonrise and he says “Do you really think it was a good idea for your kids to see the movie Mama tonight?” That is a movie about some kids who are lost in the woods and come back as possessed ghost/zombie children or something creepy like that. I’ve only seen the previews. It looks pretty silly and loads of creepy fun.

“It’s rated PG-13. They’ll get scared silly, scream a lot and have a good time.”

“You forget we’re the Vampires,” added Aaron, the third of my brothers and middle child of my family.

Aaron and I always like to discuss how Max, who has no children, likes to tell us how to raise ours.

“A fact your children seem to forget with all of the debauchery they have been involved with,” Max had to add. I just wanted to smack him.

“You forget your own youth Max.” Added Teddy, my husband and father the children Max doesn’t approve of.

It was one stupid night and everyone was safe and punishments were given out. They learned from their stupid mistakes and it won’t happen again.” Arron said this glaring at his elder brother.  “They all have their smart phones with them now. They can call us anytime, no conditions, no questions. Come on, we all make mistakes in our youth, that is what youth is for.” said Aaron.

Of course being the mom and the mommy blogger I would have worded it differently but Aaron was right. We make mistakes and we learn. And then again, we have smart phones, so now comes the point to this story.

“Garrett has a pocket watch now.” said Teddy, who was, as always, fixing up a batch of cocktails.

My brothers looked in surprise.

“Garrett and his friend Randy did some work for a friend who has a precious metals, antiques, jewelry business. They helped him move some furniture, and did some odd chores for him and he paid them with some old silver pocket watches. Nothing unusual, the watches date from the early 20th century, but they work. They boys are damn proud of those watches.”

Teddy then picked up his iPhone and showed them a photo of Garrett’s watch.

silver watch

Teddy, being quite the watch guy, was very proud of his son for picking out his own pocket watch. He was also proud that it was something that Garrett had worked for.

Max of course asked Teddy about the infamous French watch. “Of course I still have it,” said Teddy as he pulled the very watch out of his pocket.

It dated back from 1810. The engraving inside says in French something that roughly translates to “Reach for the Top”.  The watch is large, gold and has a lovely chime. It also has a song. A frantic tinkling little song with no real tune. It is crazy like drunken mice in lace or wild thoughts of fairy desire. It is a crazy watch and a beautiful watch.

Teddy's Gold Watch - 1810

Teddy’s Gold Watch – 1810

The watch has a long and interesting history. It belonged to a Frenchman who moved to the United States in 1811, just in time for the next war. He was sleeping with another man’s wife. The man killed him. The wife took the watch and sold it to another lover of hers. The lover took the watch and wore it until 1820 when he was killed by a werewolf who then lost the watch in a poker game. The watch then traveled to New Orleans where it was purchased by a Vampire who was enchanted by the music and the weight of the watch. The Vampire was killed by a crazy priest on the steps of a grand house, and the watch was taken by the lady of the house who was also the Vampire’s lover. She kept it until 1893, when she invited a handsome dark haired man into her home. She entertained him grandly and tried to blackmail him. He took her life but also took her watch. Teddy purchased the watch from him in 1900. There is more to the story, of course, but that is it in a few words as possible.

watch inside

Teddy is a firm believer in fine watches. It isn’t just a Vampire thing either, but for some reason Vampires do love their watches.

So Garrett and Randy are now the cool guys at school with their old pocket watches. The girls all think it is classy. The other boys have started to do the same thing and they are all now in search of funky old pocket and wrist watches.

My friend who knows all about watches will be helping me add more stuff about watches and well dressed men in the future.

But does anyone really know what time it is? Of course we do. Don’t be silly.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Weird Old Stuff…Tintypes and Amazing Stories

I was going through some old boxes and found this:

And I’m thinking “Why look at that attractive family. What a smart looking bunch.” Actually I’m thinking WTF? Who are those people?

It’s a tintype around 1890 I guess. I’ll have to ask my brother Val. He might know who they are. They aren’t Vampires, I can tell you that right off. But I’m sure they all loved each other very much. The old lady is really cute with her “I know something you don’t know” smile.

Then I  found these guys. Two big guys with little chairs. You gotta love it! No, they aren’t Vampires either – or at least I don’t think they are.

And there were some old pulp fiction magazines too.

Kind of makes you want to sit down with a cocktail and read all night…or go for a hunt.

Have fun,

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman – who hopes to bring you more Amazing Stories in the future

Treasured Friends

20121109-204923.jpgOld books are like old friends. I never get tired of the same old stories, even when I know the end. Even after 100 times or more. The fun is always there. It is a comfort to know that when our spines crack and our covers wear that our stories will always be beautiful and exciting.

Vampire Elvis

Vampire Elvis

He DOES look like Elvis. Hey, I think I knew that guy…

Check out the link. This is awesome!


Description on ebay:

“Pvt. E. Presley of the Tupulo (Miss.) Rangers. Proof the “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” movie was not fiction!!! Elvis lives, all right — he’s the undead. Here he is in his earlier guise as a Confederate soldier. — OK, of course I’m joking, but you have to admit this Southern soldier’s looks are uncannily like the late great Elvis. This is a sixth-plate ambrotype, original to the Civil War, of an unknown Rebel. I have studied the buttons, and as well as I can make out under the gilding, they may be Georgia. The condition is as you see it. The surface has a bit of staining around the rim, as you can see, so long ago I stripped the backing from that piece of glass, placed glass over the emulsion side, and taped the pieces of glass together (with separator pieces of tape) to make sure that nothing is touching the emulsion. That allows you to view it from either the front as originally shown, where the image of course is reversed, or what was the rear, where the image is easier to see. It’s in a battered case. It’s a touching image of a handsome young Confederate solder, looking soulful and vulnerable.”