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Monday  brings a promise of rain and a lot of work today for this working Vampire Maman. Not mom work but work-work. There is always mom work – that is a given.

Rain is good since we are in the midst of a drought. This is one of many droughts I’ve lived through so it isn’t as surprising or as startling as the news reports make it out to be. Yes, it is indeed serious, but not unexpected or new.

While my talents as an artist are being called upon, I fear I cannot share that work here. I can only my own personal work, not that which I’m paid to do for others.

As a creative professional, be it writing, art, music, design or acting we must all do what we need to do with no explanation to others. By working for others and being paid for it we are not selling out. We are making a living doing what we do best.

I don’t believe in suffering for my art. I don’t think anyone should suffer doing anything that involves their creative talents. Really. Of course we all must pay our dues and that can seem like suffering, but I don’t want to live in a damp basement drawing dark images and making friends with rats (who might have a car I can borrow) no more than I want to sleep in a coffin in a crypt. I’d much rather be drawing my dark images in a nice warm house with a nice cup of coffee and the sound of teens laughing in the background. I’ll leave the angst to the teens, but while we’re at it I’d just rather do away with angst in everyone – old and young.

And why yes, Vampires do drink coffee. Werewolves howl twice as much if they don’t get their share of the stuff.

There is no room in my life for angst. I’m not Little Mary Sunshine – far from it, but I’ve wasted too many years with angst and related nonsense. It is time to wake up and smell the drawing paper and get more RAM in my computer. It is time to shine, even in the darkness, even with Vampires.

Darkness, come to think about it, has nothing to do with the time of day. Dark is a state of mind. But one can make dark into something beautiful with hues of black and purple. It can be in the color of deep brown expressive eyes. It can be the beauty of shadows. It can be the depth of a river that can either take or give depending on what you see and how you choose to see it.

But enough musings (and general BS.)

It is Monday, a busy time and a good time… for coffee and rain and star gazing and life.

Wishing you all a good week.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


The Secretary

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~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Frogs, Love and Hell

I believe I’ve used the frog story before, but I shall tell it again.

Put a cold cast iron skillet on a cold burner on your stove. Gas works best. Place a large, live, cold blooded frog in the center of the skillet. Use a good sized one – 10-12 inches. Turn on the heat ever so low, then gradually turn it up. The frog will sit until it gets blazing hot and it’s feet and belly stick to the cast iron and it is cooked.

Summer-Sun-550This is what happens to people in this heat (we’re expecting over 100 all week and over 110 F on some days). Elderly people and others who are not always aware will sit in the heat like the frog until they cook. They’ll forget to jump out of the pan, or in the case of some folks, forget to turn on the air conditioning or fan. Or they’ll forget to call for help because they won’t realize they need help.

My neighbor and dear friend Kelly came over tonight with a couple of cold drinks (bless her). She isn’t a Vampire like we are. She suspects we’re different but can’t quite put a finger on it. She also has a ghost in her house (yes, that ghost.)

We sat for a while as she told me of her elderly mother and the heat. Her mother forgets to turn on the air conditioner. Her mother obsesses about bad neighbors but will not let her children or helpers put anything over the fence so to keep out the eyes of those bad neighbors. She asked Kelly to come over (it was 110 outside) to cut down a tree. Kelly said no. Her mother doesn’t know what yard the tree is growing in. Kelly tells her not to go outside and check because it is too hot and because she’ll fall and end up in the hospital – again. The same conversation has happened over and over – with a different plant, a hose, a stray cat, an unfamiliar car parked on the street, or something else that Kelly will either have to deal with or talk her way out of.

She wishes her mother would move to a house where she won’t worry about bad trees and bad neighbors and expensive up keep. Kelly has suggested a smaller home near Kelly and the grand kids. It would be nice with all sorts of beautiful features and a lovely garden within walking distance of Kelly’s home. The kids could visit anytime. Her mother refuses. So Kelly must hear about trees and drive to her mom’s to get the mail, and give up her Saturday fun time. Saturday fun time is important for working moms and all moms and busy women who work, and well, it is important for everyone.

She wishes she could travel and do fun things with her mother. She wishes they could talk more of things that are positive and fun – things that are not bodily functions or other unpleasant things that only bring Kelly stress.

Sometimes the heat can suck the fun out of everything. The heat of being a caretaker can do the same. It is exhausting. Especially if the caretaker has children of her own. Kelly told her kids to put her on an ice flow if she ever got to the point where she couldn’t take care of herself. She asked them to shoot her if she ever lost her sense of humor. I gave her a hug. We talked for another house about books we’ve read this summer. We agree that everyone MUST read “Beautiful Ruins.” Then she went home to spend time with her own teenage children (good friends with my kids.)

After slipping on the kitchen floor today on an unknown object and landing on my back, I lay there thinking that I’d better call The Elders. They’re ancient and sometimes don’t use the best judgement.

Eleorna and Tellias, frail and gentle, were fine. Their neighbor had brought over shaved ice flavored with basil and rosemary. God bless him. They remembered to bring their old dog in and give him plenty of water. They didn’t drive today because sometimes they forgot how to turn on the air conditioner and the sun was too bright and they had lost the keys again, so they stayed home. And they turned on the air conditioner in their beautiful 143 year old house and slept in each other’s arms like young lovers.

I’m always afraid that I’ll drop by their house and find nothing but their ashes. I’m afraid someone will take advantage of them. I’m afraid that one day they might be gone and I will have a broken heart that will never go away.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



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With all the debate on having kids and working my answer is…

With all the debate on having kids and working my  answer is:


And the other answer is:

Yes it is a good thing.

And then:

Don’t worry about laundry. We all know how to get blood stains out – and if you can’t get it out just throw it out.


Yes there is too much to do. On the other hand I’m NEVER bored.


Sure you can have it all. Why not!


Yes I would do it the same way if I had to do it over. Maybe different car seats.

And finally:

Yes, I’m proud of my kids and they’re proud of me.

And one more thing:

There is no one way to do anything so get off my back.

So for all you working moms wondering if you are doing a good job. Look at your kids. Are they doing great? Are they smart and funny? If you’re reading THIS BLOG I know they are, just like you. Good job mom.

Listen to the Vampire. You’re doing a good job. Yes!


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Vampire mom