Vampire Mom thinks about fashion and frump. Today’s Goal – Be Fabulous, Never Frumpy



Sometimes it is difficult for mom’s to look good all the time. The word frumpy comes to mind. I had my frump stage a while back.

You know frump. The over sized shirts. The drawstring pants. The basic black walking shoes.  The matronly looking black dress for parties. Just fill in your own blanks. Even for vampire moms we can get into a rut.

Over the centuries we all find our favorite styles. Unfortunately you can’t go around looking as if you just came out of the courts of the Sun King or in your 1920’s frocks, or drag out your old bustle dresses and go around in Steampunk attire. It might be fun for special occasions but not to pick your kids up from school or to a field trip to the local water park.

Yes, DO have your own style. Flash is what vampires do best, even vampire moms but don’t be ridiculous or embarrass your children. On the other hand don’t be but a shadow of your former self.

You never want your child to say, “What are you wearing? Jeez mom.”

Use those great accessories from the past. Keep up with your hair and makeup. Be fabulous – because you are!

I know, I’m just rambling here, too busy this week to have had my hair trimmed, suffering from some sort of sun induced rash and looking at chipped nails.

Of course my husband always looks good. Oh to be born so devastatingly handsome even before he was a vampire.


By the way…the only reason I wrote today’s entry was so I could post this image. I put together a few things…sort of got the mood I was in today. More cocktails! I’ll get Teddy to write down some of his blood & brew mixtures for y’all.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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