Cocktails – Vampire Style (while we watch America’s Got Talent with the kids)

Tonight Teddy and I are watching America’s Got Talent with the kids. And low and behold the first act that comes on is called CMYK and they are amazing. The guy does performance art! Wow. Look it up on Youtube if you haven’t seen it.

And CMYK is from Sacramento! Our hometown! Woo Hoo. We are so proud!

We both grew up in Sacramento, which is a great place for vampires (not to be confused with all the politicians in town). We often go to San Francisco but our hearts are here, not that we do go into the big city as often as we can. Our first home together was in San Francisco, but it burned down in the earthquake (the big one – 1906). We’ve since replaced it.

Anyway, what better time than to watch an old fashioned talent show with our kids – so THAT calls for COCKTAILS.

Teddy is drinking is signature cocktail: The Bloody Juliette (yes named after me, of course it is).

I love this drink.

Bloody Juliette

  1. 3 parts blood
  2. 1 part vodka
  3. 3 garlic stuffed olives
  4. Horseradish
  5. A nice wedge of lime
  6. 1 pickled green bean
  7. A splash of hot sauce (or more if you like it really spicy)
  8. A shake of black pepper

Drop olives in the bottom of the glass. Add ice about 2/3 way up. Squeeze the lime over the ice. Add the vodka then add the blood. Add everything else and gently stir. Add more vodka as needed.

Now we’re ready to watch the rest of the show. More vodka please!


One thought on “Cocktails – Vampire Style (while we watch America’s Got Talent with the kids)

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