Musings of a vampire middle school kid…and don’t forget America’s Got Talent starts tonight!

My 12 year old daughter scanned me up and down then said “You’ve always been a vampire. You were never a regular human.”

I imagine there isn’t much regular about any humans, but didn’t comment on her choice of words. “You know I’ve always been a vampire, just as you have always been a vampire.”

“But nobody in Dad’s family were vampires?”

“Not that I know of. Just him. You already know this. What’s up?”

“Nothing” said my almost teenage child.

“No, tell me.” I said.

“Doesn’t that seem weird that dad used to be one of them?

“No, not really. It’s more weird to him.”

“I thought so,” said my youngest vampire child. “It must have been really weird for him.”

She couldn’t imagine in her young mind what a hellish nightmare my dear husband went through.

“Be he’s ok with it now. Right?” she continued, taking my wrist.

“He has us. Of course he is ok. Your father is a magnificent vampire.”

“Yes he is.” she said with a smile. “Hey America’s Got Talent is on! They have a new judge.”

“Howard Stern.”

“Can vampires be on that show?”

“Sure why not!”

– Juliette


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