Vampire Teens – dealing with a broken heart

As modern vampires we all need to find our way in the world. Some never quite get there, but most of us succeed.

I hear my 16 year old son and his friends and cousins talking about their roles as vampires. They’ve all been raised knowing that we much stand back and keep our own secrets. That is difficult and there are hard choices to be made.

We are small in numbers and feared by regular humans. We’re successful, which brings more fears.

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon (after taking Clara to summer camp…that will be another posting), Teddy and our son Garrett were sitting in the dark with somber faces. In fact, Garret, poor boy looked pale even for a vampire.

I knew what had happened because I’d found this poem yesterday in his long elegant teen scrawl written on a yellow lined sheet of paper.


Looking back,

You’re a pale ghost.

A monster waiting,

To feed upon the Vampire boy.

I feel your unholy energy,

Your thirst for power,

You prey on my heart,

You sucked away my love.

Alone in the dark,

I see your selfish soul,

Your glowing eyes,

That burn into my mind.

Loving a human girl,

Can only bring pain,

They are the monsters,

Bitches who bite deep.


She’d left him for another boy. He said he wasn’t ready to have sex with her and she came on too strong. When he said no to her she became angry. There were words. He changed his mind and said yes, but by then she said no.

I know it is all for the best, but that doesn’t sooth the sting of love’s first broken heart, especially when it is with a regular human.

You can’t always make everything perfect for your kids, but you can be there to listen and understand, without judgment. That’s what parents do.


~ Juliette


  1. My heart goes out to poor Garrett. Wishing him and all of you well. The first love is always something he’ll remember, but soon it will be but a memory.

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