If you don’t “get” the vampire thing then maybe this isn’t the blog for you.

Like all good bloggers I look at the stats. Maybe way too much. I find out how many people visit my blog. I find out who is following (thank you all – xoxoxoxoxox). I even find search terms.

Today one really caught my eye. It was “Does Juliette from Vampire Maman believe in Vampires?”


That is like asking “Do you really believe in regular humans?” or “Do you believe in cats?” or “Do you believe in ice cream?”

This blog is for vampires or friends of vampires. It is also for those who love poetry and reading and teenagers and kids and FUN. You know, it is all about fun around here (most of the time).

I’ve had several odd requests and comments about the vampire nature of this blog AND my own vampire nature.

Yes, of course I believe in vampires because I, Juliette aka Vampire Maman am a vampire. So is my husband and so are our kids. So are most of our friends. We live in a community of vampires. Read the damn blog and you’ll find out all about me and my family and our activities and helpful hints for other vampire moms.

That is it. This blog is for entertainment purposes only and if you get anything else out of it then I’m doing the happy dance.

This blog covers all sorts of subject from teen age love, to summer reading, to removing blood stains, to lunch with a werewolf, to lunch of other sorts AND don’t forget Teddy’s famous Vampire Cocktails. Have fun, explore old posts and most of all just have fun and don’t take everything so seriously.

Juliette aka Vampire Maman

More about Vampires

More about Vampire Maman


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