The Eyes of Fashion

The eyes of fashion are always upon us. They watch in judgment. Years from now they won’t remember or understand what drove us to do what we did



  1. OMG – I like the dress where there’s unmistakably a corset underneath. She looks a little bit like a pouter pigeon, doesn’t she? But the dress is gorgeous! LOL

  2. A young friend of mine is getting married. She went shopping for her wedding gown yesterday. I gave her the same advice as a good friend of mine gave me when I was planning my wedding: Be sure that when your future daughter looks at your wedding pictures she says, “Mom you were such a beautiful bride.” rather than, “Mom what were you thinking?”

    It’s fun to look back through time at fashion, even over the course of my lifetime. Although I’m grateful that clothing is much more comfortable than in days of old, but it’s not nearly as glamorous.

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