Your Own Vampire – Tangled Tales

I waited, as Vampires often do in my old house, a Queen Anne style Victorian, my brother purchased new, in 1889. I waited for Jack.

Jack used to be my standing lunch date for Fridays. But after he found out there were Vampires, and that I am one, he hasn’t been around. (for the back story, click here and here)

The fact that people he knows are Werewolves freaked him out too.

And to top it off he found out that his wife has known about Vampires for years and never told him about it. His wife isn’t a Vampire, but her family has had Vampires for generations.

Having a relationship with a Vampire can be secret or in some cases not so secret. Some families make us a tradition.

Jack used to tell me how he never understood how his wife’s family could be so happy all the time. They were content. They were all successful. They had high self-esteem. They were amazing. And upon marrying into the happy family, Jack and his wife became friends with my husband Teddy and me. Then Jack became happy too.

But he didn’t know why. When he found out it freaked him out.

I explained to him that is was a symbiotic relationship – I got blood and in return I gave him a sense of happiness and well-being. Like I said, his wife’s family had a relationship with Vampires since 1805.

I was introduced to Jack in 1995.

Jack’s wife tried to explain. He loves her dearly. She is the light of his life. On the other hand, he didn’t know. And on the other hand again, he thought she was cheating on him and he thought he was cheating on her (with me). But he was happy. Almost too happy. And his wife was happy.

So when Jack arrived that morning, I was waiting with the blinds drawn and really not knowing what he’d say to me.

He showed up impeccably dressed as usual. I wore black. A classic little black dress with black pumps and pearls.

“I’ve been miserable since I stopped seeing you.” He looked tired. There were bags under his beautiful blue eyes.

“I’ve missed you too. As a Vampire and as a friend.” I told him the honest truth. We’d become close friends, as we often do with our favorites.


“I’m a Vampire. I know, I’ve passed it off as an affair. We never really…you just thought we did.”

“I feel horrible. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

He approached me. I thought he was going to kiss me and he backed off. “You’re a Vampire.”

“You’re a lawyer. OK no more jokes. What we do is completely respectable, it just isn’t acceptable by some as stereotypes brought upon us by the popular media.” I said that so flatly with no emotion at all.

“Juliette. This is insane. I’ve heard all about how for generations your people have been with the family I married into. Your husband…Teddy is with my wife every Friday afternoon. I thought she was happy because of me.”

“She is happy because of you Jack. Teddy just helps her keep that feeling longer. He helps her for when she isn’t with you Jack.”

“You drank my blood.”

“And every time I do that  I give you a piece of my soul and well being as a reward.”

“You put me in a trance.”

“So you wouldn’t be afraid.”

He took off his jacket and loosened his tie. “So what about now? I want you to do it now, when I’m aware of what you’re doing.”

“You’re still afraid.”

“No shit Juliette. You’re a Vampire. Now just do it.”

I lead him to a chair and sat him down. I helped him remove his shirt, just in case, then I walked behind him and put my hands on his shoulders. I know he was thinking about how cold my touch was, and how quiet my breath was.

“Close your eyes Jack.”

“No, I want to see everything. I want to feel everything.”

I ran my hands down his arms, back up to his shoulders and then put on hand on his neck. I could feel how nervous he’d become. I came back around front and looked at his face. “Jack, I can take you no matter how you feel right now. I assume you understand that.”

“You won’t hurt me will you?”

“I love you Jack. You’re my friend. But I will stop…”

“Don’t stop.”

Putting my hands on his shoulders I kissed his lightly on the lips, then kissed his neck and did my magic, fangs and all. Jack grabbed my arms in an iron grip and didn’t let go until I was done.

“How do you feel?” I asked him, as he sat back, eyes closed.

“Good…A little scared.”

“I won’t turn you into a Vampire.”

“What if I asked.”

“I’d say no. And if you told anyone your life would be in danger. I’d never kill you. I’d just make you forget. But there are others, both human and Vampire who might.”



He stood, a little unsteady on his feet, his hands went to my face and he kissed me again, but not as a friend, but more as a lover.

I let him sleep off the afternoon and gave him sweet dreams of his lovely wife and everything except the dark cold woman who stroked his hair and savored the sound of his beating heart.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Tangled Tales

Tangled Tales

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