First bites…and fangs for lunch!

This evening I walked by my son’s bathroom only to see him inspecting his new teeth. At puberty their “teeth” start to come in. I hate the term “fangs”.  By the age of 16 those teeth are full retracting and functioning. But like sexual virginity you don’t want them to jump into it unprepared or tutored. They must be careful, at all costs and know what they are doing.

As soon as he saw me he turned 5 shades of red as if I’d caught him, well, you know.

“It’s ok.” I said. “You need to get comfortable with them. Learn to use them before you use them on a donor.”

“I asked Dad about it. I mean about, my first time and when. Um, mom, he gets all weird. I can’t talk to him about it.” He blushed again. It was so sweet.

“Your dad had a very traumatic experience when he became a vampire…”

“I know, but dads are supposed to take their son on the first, you know, the first time.” I could hear the frustration in his voice.

“I know honey. I’ll talk to him. If not I’ll take you.”

“I can live with that. Um, mom, can I ask you something?”


“When was the last time you fed on a donor, you know, blood from a human?”

“It’s ok.”

“Jeez, it’s like asking you when you had sex. I can’t believe I just said that. I’m sorry.”

“I got blood this afternoon. Friday afternoons are my usual time.”


“Yes. Fast, easy and always with someone I trust.”

I didn’t give him the full details. I am his mother after all.

Today I put on a simple dress. It was black. A form fitting column, with a patent leather belt and a V neck. I accessorized with a lush string of real pearls and pearl drop earrings. I clipped my hair up, the slipped on high black and white spectator pumps. Underneath was a very nice matching set of black lace bra and panties.

For lunch, I met my old friend Jack Anderson. Jack isn’t old, only 45, but he is a dear friend. Teddy and I have been doing things with Jack and his wife Angela for about 10 years.

Jack is a local attorney, for the politically savvy and those who wish their problems be kept secret. He charges a very high price for which his clients are happy to pay.

Jack is also handsome in a prep school, all American Jock sort of way. He is still in very good shape and had a zillion watt smile to go with is full head of dark brown hair flecked with white.

So we met, our twice a month Friday date at a trendy downtown restaurant.  We shared a nice bottle of Cabernet.  We had a small bite to eat. Jack didn’t say anything about my meal. It was small, and had no carbs (vampires can’t handle carbs). I can handle red wine and red meat.  But the main course would be after lunch. I ran my tongue over my teeth, keeping my fangs in check.

As we waited for the check I put my hand on his and purred, “You look good enough to eat.”

“Then eat me. I’m all yours.” He said with a smile.

And so he was all mine for the next 90 minutes. We went back to his office. His secretary, as usual was given the afternoon off. The rest of his staff was also out. He locked the door and turned to me.

“I want you Juliette.” He said with a moan barely escaping his lips.

I put my hand behind his neck and drew his face to mine. “I will have you Jack.” I whispered, grazing my lips across his neck.

He kissed me. I ran my hand though his hair and kissed back. Damn he could kiss. It took my breath away, knowing what would be next.

I stepped closer. Jack unzipped my dress. I undid his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it over his well built shoulders, and pulled his undershirt over his head. He was shirtless, as he yanked down my dress and pulled at the hooks on my bra. I pushed him onto the leather couch and undid the top button on his trousers and straddled his lap.

I locked his brown eyes on mine.

“Let me take you Jack, my darling, my dear friend.” I thought, putting the thoughts into his head, putting him into my trance.

My lips went to his neck. He let out a groan. He smelled so good. There was a hint of honey with jasmine in his hair. His skin was that of a man, and pure desire. My dear friend was in a trance.

Kissing his neck, I sank my teeth in hitting a hot pulsing vein.  It was like musky red wine, like a fine Zin,  and chocolate with a hint of sugar cookies and a bite of copper, black pepper and iron.

In his head I put images of sex and desire and lust that never happened. I also put the idea that he would never tell a soul about our “affair”.

I sat next to him, sated and full. He’d wake and feel like he’d ravished me. He’d also be tired as if he’d just donated blood, because he had.

I licked the area I’d punctured to make it heal with my natural antibiotic.

After a rest of 20 minutes, I whispered in his ear. “Wake up Jack.”

He smiled and closed his eyes. I got up. “Rest my darling. I’ll see you soon.” I kissed him again.

I’d left chocolates and raspberry juice for him. I knew, with all blood donations, that he’d need the extra sugar. I’d put the suggestion to eat and drink in his mind. One more kiss and I was off to home to change back into my jeans and pick the kids up from school.

Than evening my darling husband Teddy asked me “Did you see Jack Anderson for lunch?”

“Yes, I had a lovely lunch with Jack. What did you do for lunch?”

Teddy gave me a sly smile. “Mrs. Anderson.”

Yes, we don’t tell our kids everything. Nor do we ever have to.

Wishing you all lovely lunches and romantic evenings with the vampire you love.



15 Comments on “First bites…and fangs for lunch!

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