End of the Year Top Lists…Short List from your favorite parenting and tall tale blog: Vampire Maman

The end of the year is here and I don’t have any lists. OK I’m making this quick so we can all get back to what we were doing.

OK Best new movie I saw in 2012…I saw a lot of movies I like but YOU MUST SEE Moonrise Kingdom. You must see Loopers. If you have a daughter, especially if you’re a mom watch Brave with her.

Best Book: I read a gazillion books this year. Most were good (a few were horrible). The best was the Orphan Master by Jean Zimmerman. A murder mystery in 1600’s New Amsterdam (that’s right folks, the new world and there are horrible scary things, great characters and wonderful writing).

The best cocktail: Ice, 3 large olives, juice from half a lemon, vodka (to cover ice). Let sit for about 5 minutes and drink. Make sure it is decent vodka. I like the kind in the blue bottle.

Best Person to Get Blood From: My friend and every other Friday lunch date Jack. He is always on time, always up for good conversation, always happy to see me, and always yummy.  And I always bring him cookies!

My top blog posts of 2012 (from my blog):

Note: I posted over 300 posts this year and there were so many more I’d like to list as favorites…so check out as many as you can just for kicks and grins. This was an adventure and I hope to bring you more adventures, sound parenting advice, tall tales, stories of mystery and romance, poetry, guest bloggers and more in the coming year.

Happy New Year. I’m always open to suggestions for blog subjects (on parenting/books/poetry etc). I’m always open for new movies (and old), new books (and old). I’m open to a lot of things.

But right now I’m mainly open for all of you to have a wonderful 2013 – may the tides turn in the right direction. May all your nights be quiet and calm. May all your moons be full. And may all your night hunts be a delight!

friday stars


Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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