Now What? Musings of a Modern Vampire Mom

night driveLast night my daughter and I returned home after a week-long road trip in the American Southwest. As we hit the California border it was like the entire world changed. Not that we don’t adore the great states of Arizona, Nevada (ok not all of Nevada but more on that later) and New Mexico.

Right after we hit the town of Truckee, CA we got out of the car and took in a deep breath of mountain air. The Sierra Nevada Mountain range means home for us, as do the rolling oak forests just down the hill where we live. But back to the woods – we could smell the pines so fresh and wonderful. The sky was full of a zillion stars.  A wonderful end to a wonderful trip.

We talked about a lot of things on our long trip, my daughter and I. Oxymorons was one subject she likes to talk about. Her latest is “Adult Male”. Makes sense considering her dad always tells her to remember those three little words “boys are stupid.”

So now what. I managed to blog a little on the trip. I manage to blog a little bit all the time. But now what? I feel as if I’ve lost my edge or gone on a different edge than I expected or completely gone over the edge with my blog.

This year I celebrated a year of blogging. This started out as a little blog I could put a half a dozen funny posts on. Then it became something more. I still don’t know what.

But lately, due to unforeseen weirdness, I feel like I’m floundering to get out my tall tales of kids, friends, family (all Vampires of course) and other things that concern the Vampire parent and others in our circle (even regular humans). I feel so listless.

All writers go through this, as well as artists (for I am an artist by trade.)

So what now? Back-to-school, cats, taking care of elders, concerns of Modern Vampires, the Vampire Ball…time will tell.

I heard on the radio that this is a good year for wine grapes. I like wine.

I also know this will be a good year for kids – for my kids and their friends (Vampire, Werewolf and Regular Humans,)

Oh right, for those of you who are new here, this is Musings of a Modern Vampire Mom. But please, I want you to stick around too if you’re not a Modern Vampire.

While driving for hours on end I thought of creative projects, of posts, of ideas I’d like to share with you. With any luck I’ll be able to do everything I thought of.

I’d also like to read more blogs from others – something I love to do but have not had enough time lately to do (or had computer issues which need to be fixed so I can view what I want to see in a timely manner. I’m a Vampire not a computer expert.)

So today I will check in on the Elders and spend the day with my children (who are now in back-to-school mode in a big way) and unwind. I don’t even want to think about checking my email (back to work tomorrow).

The days are hot but the nights are cool this time of year. Perfect for nocturnal creatures of all kinds and perfect for refreshing the heart and soul and creative spirit – especially if you’re a Vampire Maman.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Vampire Maman


  1. From my own recent experience, I’d say listless is a normal reaction after a long day of driving. Beyond that, I find listless comes and goes in the world of blogging.

    The best advice I got on that came some time ago from a psych professor during a series of discussions on depression. One student said, “Sometimes I just don’t want to get out of bed.”

    The professor said, “Fine, then if circumstances permit – or even if they don’t – stay in bed. Soon enough you’ll be so bored that something interesting will come to mind.” That pretty much works for me in the world of blogging.

    Besides, there’s a certain languid quality to summer I love and always miss when the days get shorter, as they are starting to do. There’ll be time enough for writing when it gets dark at 5:00pm. Yuck! But I digress…

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