What we’re talking about – The Wall of Beautiful Men, Music, News and of Course School

I talk a lot with my kids. Not just about taking out the garbage or feeding the cats, but about everything. Over the summer the current events tone down but we still talk quite a bit. Today we talked about a lot of things.

Amber alerts – we’re getting them on our phones. The first was in Nevada a few weeks ago. The second was here at home with the tragic abduction of

The alerts are a good thing but the abductions or need for alerts is not. Abductions should only occur in fiction as something to make a plot line more exciting. Unfortunately that isn’t the case and there are tragic heartbreaking consequences. Modern technology can’t prevent horrible people from doing horrible things but it can help us find those who need our help.

As a parent it is frustrating not knowing the answer to the questions “WHY?” when it comes to people who hurt kids.

Secrets. President Obama is still pissed off about what’s his name. You you work for a government agency and many private companies you sign a nondisclosure agreement. You also have security clearance. Part of that is that YOU will keep any information you find confidential. OK that will exclude finding a head in the file drawer or obvious lurid events BUT if you’re working for the government you KNOW what you’ll be finding and that if you blab it to everyone and compromise national security that you will NOT be considered a hero in most cases. Dude, you knew you’d be in a lot of trouble. You should have thought this out better. I don’t know all of the details but we talked about secrets and keeping them (no political comments please.) So anyway, before you blow a secret, be it with the government or with a friend at school, or with your mom (especially with your mom) think long and hard about your actions and what it will mean to everyone involved.

As Vampires we know all about keeping secrets and those who don’t…well, it never ends well. By the way V kids, like it or not, another one of your seminars/meetings about your responsibilities as a member of the Vampire community is coming up next week before school starts. Yes, Nathaniel Chase will be giving the lecture just as he has for the past 162 years.

Tesla Motors is doing great. Woo Hoo. We see Teslas all around where we live. In fact we always see more unique cars. Going back a while…my husband and I remember at least two amphibious cars in the 1960’s. I saw one in Folsom Lake. There used to be a lot of DeLoreans around here (yes, the stainless steel Back To The Future car). Occasionally I still see one in Fair Oaks. I see at least two cars from Tesla Motors a week. The weekends, when the weather is nice, which is 98.9% of the time, the classic cars come out. That means convertibles from Auburns to old Z cars (a lot of Corvettes, Mustangs, Jags and T-Birds). It means cars from the 50’s, horseless carriages, cars with rumble seats and fins and split windows. It means fun. My son loves it. My daughter is still trying to understand why it happens and where all of these old cars come from and why they are mostly driven by guys in their 50’s and 60’s. I told my daughter that when she learns to drive she can have my car and I’ll get my own Tesla. My 17 year old is content with his 2006 Mustang, but he told me he’d really like a black 1964 Corvette. I’m just glad he didn’t say he wanted a hearse.

California STAR test scores are down. I’ve never given much credit to this stupid way of testing. My question is “How can kids who study hard, write well, are liked by their teachers AND get straight A’s have such wild and crazy text scores that never reflect what the kids really know?” One year the scores will be up, one year down, then back up again. My kids describe them as a bunch of random questions about things we never learned in school. This includes one making exceptionally high scores in science then saying “I didn’t know any of that stuff.” Hmmmm. Something to think about.

Band shirts will lead to new friends in school. That is what THEY the TEENS said. But I said to also respect the musical taste of others and then in a nice friendly manner introduce them to your music. Don’t just say “THAT SUCKS”. OK there are times when you can say out loud that something is awful but take a deep breath first and think of a more diplomatic way to say it.

And speaking of music… In my daughter’s room is her “Wall of Beautiful Men.” My husband calls it the Wall of Freaks. The point is…Fall Out Boys and Panic! At the Disco are both coming out with new albums and new tours and that is all the child has been thinking/talking about. I know a lot of parents reading this can relate (and I know back in the day some of you had your own Wall of Beautiful Men or maybe a Farrah poster or better yet Linda Carter as Wonder Woman.)

A small portion of The Wall of Beautiful Men

A small portion of The Wall of Beautiful Men

School starts in a week.

  • What do you say when a senior boys comes up to you and says “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” Answer “All the time. Now go away.” Good job Clara. Your older brother has tutored you well.
  • Boys shouldn’t wear Crocs to school. I know we all believe in self-expression, but Crocs on high school boys is just asking for trouble. We’re talking about the plastic clog like shoes that come in all colors that should only be worn in gardens digging for root vegetables. Wait, I hear something else…girls shouldn’t wear them to school either. Well thank you to the fashion police who have noted that nobody in our house own Crocs (but we do have a large selection of cheap flip flops in all colors.) The people at Crocs are now making some cute non-clog like sandals but I was told by the fashion snobs at my house not to look at those.
  • Boots. Mom wants new boots. Daughter still wears her black lace-up army boots with everything – dresses, shorts, jeans…everything. Even when it is over 100 degrees F outside. The man-child is avoiding boots.
  • Self expression. Let your freak flag fly but maybe tone it down a little the first week of school so you won’t shock your teachers too much. I know they’ve seen EVERYTHING but be nice and give them a little bit of a break for just a few days.
  • Why has it taken so long to get our class assignments? OK children, I can explain how budgets work. I can explain logistics. I can explain and make excuses but… I don’t know and it sucks. End of discussion. I hope by this weekend you’ll have your classes.
  • School population breakdown: Regular Humans 2,487, Werewolves 6, Vampires 12. This school has a high population of kids who aren’t Regular Humans. I know I blog about this but we’re a very very very small portion of the population (but these numbers are high for us). Only 3 high schools in the area even have Vampires and only two have Werewolves. We tend to stick together.
  • They ask me “Mom, why are you so excited about school starting?” Maybe because I love you and you’re my children and I have a vested interest in you. And my universe centers around my family and what they do. Plus it sounds fun and interesting and…oh well. And they MUST make good grades so they can get into the college of their choice.  And because while they love me, nobody is excited about anything I do.

This week the family continues to make fun of how I clap my hands. Their loss for the dullness of their claps. Sigh.

The Vampire Ball is later this year – at the beginning of September. So yes, I might have time to design costumes and have them made. I just hope it doesn’t fall on Homecoming weekend.

995765_524107340995387_1280662151_nOh, oh, oh, one more bit of news (and my family is proud of me despite what I usually tell you)…the next short story anthology from the WPaD group will be out soon. It is the Fantasy edition! Three of my stories are in it (under an assumed name). More to come on that later.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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