1. OK, J, when do you start writing for Variety and Parents magazines ???
    This was an excellent review, and wonderful suggestions for kids/concerts/parents. Really great. Nice to know that you really enjoyed it too. Kinda thought you would !

  2. Good advice! We’re not exactly set up here to have young kid concerts, being Las Vegas and all, but I am taking the kids to the Anime Festival in April. I’m using some of your advice for that, thanks!

    1. This was an all ages venue but it wasn’t a young kid concert – but I know what you mean. We’ve skipped a lot of concerts because it is 21 and over.

      Hey, another one of their favorite bands Panic at the Disco is from Las Vegas and I think they still live there. You might like them. I hear they have a new album due out soon. A seriously good band.

      Glad you liked it. The advice works for any kind of event.

      .The Anime Festival sounds fun. I know about a dozen kids who’d like to go to that one.

  3. Very interesting! Your description and comments opened a brief time warp for me and a satisfying “The more things change…” thought. To show you what I mean, let me swap the names in one of your sentences with some from my own history: “Deadheads are sort of a tribe, not of blind fans of celebrity worshipers (something lead singer Jerry Garcia encourages them not to do) but a community of like minds.”

    The same holds true with your statement of what they’re about:

    “We carry a message of believing in yourself and letting no one tell you otherwise. We stand up for the underdog and the disenfranchised. Anything strange, odd, or unique… we embrace that. So basically standing up for yourself; have fun and live your life how you choose. You only have one life, make the most of it.”

    How neat that your kids have a place to connect with others who are “strange, odd, or unique,” a working definition of every teenager I’ve ever been or heard of!

  4. Thanks for dropping by and reading this. Your comment is right on. Wow, I didn’t even see that connection. Music of all kinds and all types touches us all to the very core and brings us together.

  5. I wonder if my son will want to go to concerts much. At ten he dislikes crowds and loud noises, strangers, new places, and, more often than not, music. Some of those he might change his mind about, but I wonder when and how. I took him to ComicCom with me, and he was not thrilled. Too many people. Too many things. Usually when someone starts playing an instrument he covers up his ears. This might all be a bit ironic considering he’s partially named after a musician. But I would take him to a concert when he’s ready. That would be great. I was a Depech Mode and The Cure and Oingo Boingo (three feet away from Danny Elfman!) kind of girl back in the day.

    1. When he is older he’ll find the right music and the right friends to go with. It might be a rock concert or something quieter. He’ll follow is passion – it is always fun to see where that will lead.

  6. I’m not a one for rock/pop type concerts as I have an oversensitivty to noise:( but I enjoy the music of some bands – these sound interesting – thinking back over the decades at all the great concerts I have read about – and the bands I have enjoyed I think it’s great that parents and oldies are allowed to enjoy the music still – it was a great post not just bring the atmosphere but a different perspective.- I think maybe your daughter is dead lucky in her mum:)

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