Letter from a Zombie – love never dies or rots way.

Valentine’s Day is a time for letters, even unexpected stories of love that totally come out of the blue.

I received a letter today, an old fashioned letter in an envelope with a stamp, from my friend Melissa. Oh my goodness. I have been so worried about her.

A little back story: About a year ago my friends Mike and Melissa were driving across the Mojave desert on a business trip. They had a flat tire and unfortunately the only help they received was from Zombies. (see links below for their back story)

We’ve kept in touch. Figuratively, not literally (even I don’t like to touch Zombies.)

Dear Juliette,

We are in the western mountains of North Carolina.

The cabin (safe house) we’re staying in is modern and spacious with a lot of privacy being that it is about 20 miles off the main road.

Mike raided the body farm at the university and acquired fresh human brains for Valentine’s Day. We’ll have those with a nice bottle of California wine and see where the night takes us, provided no body parts fall off of either one of us.

Our supply of the tonic you made for us is low. I dare not ask you send more but if you know any Vampires in the area who might be willing to trade for whatever we have to offer. We’re willing to work with barter. Mike can fix any computer. Neither one of us sleep anymore so we can work all night. Granted we’re a little slow these days but we’re hard workers. Once we get more tonic we’ll be able to speed up. We’re also experts in agricultural law and crop management, not to mention agra business. I also train dogs.

I have to admit that I always found the prospect of becoming a Vampire thrilling and romantic. Unfortuantely being a Zombie doesn’t hold the same romance. It is awful. The cravings for brains and flesh is unspeakable and almost uncontrollable. The worst part though is that we’re rotting like dead things. We’re our own body farm. We make jokes because we both like to garden. That is horrible but humor is the only way we’ve been able to manage.

Mike and I were friends before this happened. We worked together, had lunch and drinks after work with friends and even went on a few business trips together. We spoke before the state senate together. We were just friends with a lot of professional respect. I never thought of him as anything romantic.

Now, oh Juliette, now that everything has gone right to Hell and is so screwed up, I think I’m in love with him. I am in love with him. I’m in love with every rotting cell in his putrid body.

Why now? Why couldn’t I have seen his humor, the sparkle in his eyes, they way he used to dance at parties. All the single women wanted to be with him. But I never saw that until now. And now we’re Zombies.

I’m so afraid they’ll find us and bring us back to Area Z out in the desert. We’ll be put in that camp with hundreds of mindless quarantined Zombies. We’ll die alone. We’ll be looked upon as freaks.

So what if we’re technically dead? We’re still alive in our hearts, even if our hearts don’t beat.

Vampires live for centuries but Zombies only have so much time, like a pound of hamburger left out in the summer sun to rot.

The only thing that helps is the tonic, but I dare not tell a soul. It would put your people in danger and I could never do that. If I ever get over this Zombie thing I swear I will pay you back in triplicate for all your help.

I can hear Mike shuffling to the window in the loft to look out at the snow. The storm is bad tonight. Luckily we have enough fuel to keep us in light and food in the freezer and shed (don’t ask.)

I know he is the one. I know it in my heart of hearts that no longer beats. I know it every time he moans and shuffles towards me. I know it when he tries to look presentable and human. He does it just for me. He makes me laugh so I won’t cry. He stuffs the fingers of my gloves where I no longer have my own fingers. He tells me I’m still beautiful.

Keep in touch. I know I made it sound bad, but we’re getting used to this Zombie thing. Mike and I will be ok as long as we have each other.

Thank you for helping us escape and hide. I never thought I’d say this to a Vampire, but thank you for keeping us alive.

I miss you.

Gratefully your friend,


vm rose

I sat for a while trying not to tear up, then I called someone I knew, a shadow creeping Vampire who lives about 100 miles from where Mike and Melissa are. He owes me favors big time. Now I’m cashing in. Sure I’ll help a Zombie out and if they get better I might even help them become Vampires. You never know.

But it just goes to show that even when your world is falling apart, along with your body, and nothing seems real anymore, love will still hold strong and true.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

vm blonde from behind

Links to the back story:

  1. Lunch Date With A Zombie: https://vampiremaman.com/2012/09/21/a-lunch-date-with-zombies/
  2. The Art of Writing Love Letters is Alive and Well, Even for Zombies and Ghosts: https://vampiremaman.com/2014/02/03/the-art-of-writing-love-letters-is-alive-and-well-even-for-zombies-ghosts-2/
  3. And Speaking of Zombies…: https://vampiremaman.com/2013/07/18/and-speaking-of-zombies-musings-for-being-the-go-to-person-for-all-things-weird/


  1. I love this post! Even though I never had thought “Zombies” and “Love” could be said within the same sentence… you did it without making me feel weird about it.
    Very special!!

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