What Kind of Meat are You?

Way back when, back before I had teenagers, back before I knew what a blog was, back when Microsoft had Front Page and we did html by hand…

The kids were playing Club Penguin and I discovered Facebook. I didn’t think much of My Space. Anyway, a family member sucked me into Facebook. Way back then I discovered goofy polls. Mind you this was before cat memes and horrible inspirational quotes took over. This was back when you could easily create your own polls.

I used to LOVE polls in women’s magazines about relationship styles and clothing styles. The polls were fun. The polls always had something to do with relationships or sex or style. It was fun. Admit it – you did those polls too.

One day I sat at my computer, a toddler on my lap, and I tried to make my own poll. It was called “What Kind of Meat are You.” Yes, I did think that was funny. But it was never to be.

Back then blogs were also a mystery. They were difficult and serious or political. Fast forward about a million years. I’m writing a blog. I’m writing. I know other writers. I’ve evolved (thank you WPaD and Becky for your support.)

Hold on for a second…. a teenager needs to use this computer to do her online drivers ed so I’d better cut to the chase. Blogs were difficult and serious or religious. Parenting blogs were HORRIBLE and full of the kind of mom I never wanted to be.

But then I started this blog and discovered that I’m not alone. No, not the Vampire Parenting stuff, but the fact that the world is full of fun and unusual and creative and unique bloggers.

But that takes me back to polls. I was thinking about polls. Let us do some polls RIGHT NOW.

How old are you?







Thank you for your time. Your information will not be given to any third parties.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

6 thoughts on “What Kind of Meat are You?

  1. OK, I’m pretty sure you’ve done this poll thing all wrong. You’re supposed to ask a lot of completely unrelated questions, then TELL me what kind of meat I am. And then, no matter how I answer the questions, I am always exactly the same kind if meat. Then you keep track of my answers and send me all kinds of crazy stuff I would never ever want.

    • You’re absolutely right. That said, I’m pretty lazy. But I know what you mean. Check back next week and I do one of those surveys where I tell you what you are or who you’ll marry or something silly.

      I’ll give you a preview:

      Who is your favorite Vampire actor?
      1) Al Lewis
      2) Max Shreck
      3) Bela Lugosi
      4) Yvonne De Carlo

      If you picked 1) you’re SPAM, 2) Beef Heart, 3) Fish Sticks, 4) Prime Rib

      Pretty random but hey… thanks for the comment. We’ll have more fun later.


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