Bad Moms. And school was good this year.

Warning: I’m going to get a little rude for a bit. 

There are no psycho moms from Hell in High School and College: You know who I’m talking about. You know who you are – yes you sanctimonious bitch, you know I’m talking about YOU.


These women tend to show up in pre-school and start to vanish around Middle School. You know the mom who loves to stand up at every meeting and hog the time with questions about her overly advanced child. You know the moms who are so rude to other moms. You know the moms who are super sensitive about everything and ready to blame everyone but themselves for their badly behaved toxic bratty rude little darlings. You also know those moms who are just bat shit crazy and try to get all teachers fired, threaten to sue the school because their horrible child has to behave, say crazy things about space aliens and believe head lice make good pets. You know the mom who strives to be perfect and expects no less from everybody else. I go on for another 50,000 words on these moms. Ugh. Give it a rest psycho moms. We don’t care.










The same goes for those over protective moms who end up with pansy-ass sons and clueless daughters. No wonder your kid starts talking back, drinking, having a lot of sex, and doing drugs in high school. If you’re shocked now wait until they get to college. There is more to parenting than saying NO.










So enough of my walk down venting memory lane…

School was good this year.

There were no broken hearts this year, at least that I know of. An ex-boyfriend (the only ex-boyfriend) is now wearing Crocs, which is a major NO in my daughter’s mind. On the other hand… parents you might want to get your son some nice new plastic shoes.


The son’s ex-girlfriend who went to Yale will also be home during the summer but all is cool. There is no chance she’ll bruise my son’s heart again – they are back where they started firmly in the friend zone.

So that brings us to High School.

When my kids were small some people told me I’d be in HELL during the teen years. But those were the bad parents. Really. Think about it. Isn’t it always the worst parents who give the most parenting advice?

Like my fifteen year old daughter says, “Why should I be miserable? It just makes everything difficult and everyone unhappy.” I’m not just making that up. She really said that. Her friends, for the most part, are the same way. The teens in my life are happy, well-adjusted and smart, forward thinking kids. Sure they’re silly and sometimes vacuous but no angst or major acting out. The biggest worries concern getting into college or in the case of a friend who wondered if purple hair color can be dyed over. Sure there are spats and the like, but they’re good kids.

There are questions with some kids about sexuality and race and identity. The kids talk about it. They don’t hide things away like in the old days. This generation is far more accepting and understanding of differences in others than older generations.

So it was a good year. It will be a good summer. I will post more about this. I know, I  apologize for getting sidetracked with the crazy-ass mom thing. Oh well. I’m a sucker for memes.

Have fun everyone and remember:

  • Talk with your kids.
  • Keep lines of communication open.
  • Hear the whole story before you judge.
  • Keep trust in front of everything else.
  • Listen to your kids.
  • Hug your kids.
  • Love your kids.
  • Let your kids know that new ideas and experiences are OK. It is an opportunity to discuss issues with your children.
  • Show your children the world and let them explore – even if it is just books. Let them explore and fly. They’ll thank you for it later.
  • And if they fall, you’ll be there to catch them.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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