Vampire Diary: Modern Worlds

Dear Diary,

I wrap my arms in bandages cursing the day I ever met the demons that try to haunt me. If I am dead, they are truly the spawn of those who have never lived.

They are the ones who have no past and a future bathed in pain. They were spawned by hate and malice. They thrive on violence and spite. No, it wasn’t my ex-wife.

Poison surged through my veins like fire. Fear and anger filled me – emotions I do not allow had all come back.

Looking up I saw a figure. Gillian, my… I don’t know what to call her. She is just mine and I am hers. We are together but we are not.

She took my arm and held it. “I will do what I can. What the crap happened?”

I could feel the heat and pain turning to cold. The fear and anger left me. I told her what happened.

Gillian gave me a cold hard look, “I told you not to get involved with local politics. This isn’t like the old days.”

I pulled her close and forgot about the pain.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

All of the lawns have died. There is a certain comfort in that. Maybe the drought isn’t a bad thing. This morning I counted a dozen buzzards in the sky.

This is a good thing. All the happy cute things around here were making me feel somewhat depressed.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

My cat is proud of her small brood. The kittens have opened their eyes. Infant hunters. I watch them stretch their small claws marvel at what stealth creatures they will become.

Gillian holds them and kisses them. She could eat them in one bite, but she doesn’t. At one time she was a stealth hunter in her own right. She ruled her domain with an iron fist. Now she hunts with kindness rather than fear. She says that is the way things are here.

What am I doing here?

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

I don’t know how we (Vampires) survived before washers and dryers.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

A rocket brought a camera up to the planet Pluto and took a photograph. Who would have imagined the marvels of them modern world. Humans have traveled to the end of their galaxy. The shape on the planet looks like Mickey the Mouse’s dog. I can’t even comprehend that. Gillian said it was cute. Then she said, “Vlad you’re so cute.”

I told her that I didn’t look like a the dog of a mouse. She told me to lighten up. Lighten up? I do not understand. Lighten up? I am already pale.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

I sit here writing with my fountain pen, a comfort in this strange modern world. In my lap is a tiny sleeping creature who will grow to be a killer. Dear little kitten how you deceive with your soft fur and precious face. You are like me, cute and attractive and lovely to look at. We draw others in to do our bidding. My goal is blood. Your goal is to get someone to open a can.

Your universe is small, but maybe not. Maybe there is more than we can imagine. But until the time we find that answer I will try to figure out the mysteries of modern life, and maybe even cats and love.

~ Vlad


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