Just talking about teens (Boys are Stupid: Part 28)

Girl Child (age 16): I’d hate myself if I was a teenage boy. I am so glad I’m a girl. If you’re a boy you’re expected to act cool, drop F bombs a hundred times a day, say the N word a hundred times a day for no reason because they think they’re cool but they’re a bunch of stupid little boys, you stink all the time, if you get near another guy and give him a bro hug you have to say “No homo.” Boys are so insecure. Then they go home and be perfect little clean mouthed little polite mommy’s boys.

Man Child (age 19): We’re not all like that and the rest grow out of it. Most of us grow out of it.

Girl Child: Sure, you and my guy friends. But the rest of the guys. They’re all a bunch of F boys. They posture like a bunch of monkeys. I feel sorry for you.

As a mom I just listen. Girls swoon over the Man-child. The Girl-child is going to break hearts. They are both going to grow up and realize that they were on the right track – more than either of their parents (or at least more than I was.)

Some of you might be horrified but all kids talk like this, at least the ones I know. They talk about life and love and what they see and hear at school.

Then I watch them both sit in the cool dining room with the shades drawn, working on school work for fall. They’ll laugh together until their sides split, then they’ll study and study and study. I’m not helicopter parent – they do this on their own.

For all parents of young children my advice would be to guide your kids. Talk to them. Encourage them to be curious. Teach them study skills. And let them know that at a certain age that it is on them to work for their future. Let them know that they should be kids, but prepare them to be adults.

Sure they’ll make mistakes. How else can one learn?

I let them speak their minds around me too. I don’t want them ever to be afraid to speak or feel they have to have secrets.

But I swear, being around teens is like a 24/7 comedy club. I have to write this stuff down as they say it, or record it.

Oh well. Just thinking out loud.

So your assignment for this week is to hug your kids, listen to them, laugh with them and love them. And tell them not to be jerks or try not to offend everyone they see. It isn’t cool. It is just stupid.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




5 thoughts on “Just talking about teens (Boys are Stupid: Part 28)

  1. I’m more surprised when they don’t talk like that. But kids have to be so carful what they say today, because social media gets them in trouble. The Española beauty queen got her crown taken away for comments she made on facebook after a robber stole her crown, and a kid at ComicCon asked Bryan Cranston a question about Albuquerque, stumbled over his words, Cranston made a fool of the poor kid with a “your mother” joke and the video apparently went viral on youtube — now the poor kid has to live with being famous for being made a fool. The beauty queen was not thinking clearly when she made her comments on FB, which seems common for enraged 20 year olds of either sex — she is clearly at fault, but I thought she should have been forgiven and not de-crowned given the circumstances, but zero tolerance seems to be the standard for otherwise “good” kids.

    • Absolutely. I know. I know. They just don’t think.

      It surprised me to hear what they say when adults (parents and teachers) aren’t around. They get it from their music and other pop culture characters and don’t realize those are characters – not role models that anyone respects. They know they could get into big trouble but they spout out that stuff anyway. Old people and toddlers do the same thing. I keep saying to parents TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT THIS STUFF.


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