Brief Musings on Ghosts, Romance, and Art

I stood in the dark, on my deck with coffee, looking down at my yard and the woods beyond. I live on a hill so my yard is at a slant and I’m always in the top of the trees below.

Anyway, as I try to muse in lofty poetic tones…

I saw the ghosts in the woods. They stand together, lovers from different centuries, in their own world.

Not all ghosts are like this. Then again, not all Vampires are like me.

They dance close, their foreheads touching as they sway under the stars. Then he looks up and blows me a kiss, then they vanish.

He usually just flips me off. It must be a good night in the neither world.

Oh, yes, I have to tell you…

We’re going to Chalk it Up – an art festival that we always go to on Labor Day Weekend. I’ll be posting photos. We’re taking the elders. It is always fun for Vampires to go out for a day.

Click HERE for photos from previous Chalk it Up events we’ve been to.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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