Ask Juliette: Blood Types, Werehamsters, and Possible Ghosts

Ask Juliette is a regular Thursday feature on Vampire Maman. All questions are from my readers. 



Dear Juliette, Does different blood types affect a Vampire differently? For example, if the Vampire drinks type A or type O.

Most Vampires have type A+ blood. Don’t ask me why. It is just the way it is. Those with type A+ tend to survive the conversion process better (for those who were not born as Vampires.) Everyone who is born a Vampire has type A+. Don’t ask me why. I’m sure there are a few exceptions but, you know, it is what it is.

As for drinking different types, no it doesn’t affect Vampires differently. It is more of a preference like white wine vs red, or dark roast over light roast. Some Vampires will tell you that a more unusual type of blood like AB-, O-, or B- will give them a rush.

Each type has a different flavor but there are other factors as well. For example Werewolf blood has an undertone of Bourbon. Poet’s blood has a hint of black cherry and cardamom (great iced with a sprig of mint.)


vcocktail crop


Dear Juliette,

I am pretty open minded about other races species and stuff, but I have to ask. Does my son have to be a Werehamster? Is there anything that can reverse his condition or maybe make him into a Werewolf instead? It’s embarrassing.

Wow. Werehamsters are rare.

It is troubling when you have a loved one who transforms into something troubling. The issue with Werehamsters isn’t the fact that he becomes a hamster. It is the fact that he become easy prey to predators such as cats, hawks, dogs, and small children. If he is in one of those hamster wheels or crazy balls when he transforms back to human he could end up at the hospital with a wheel embedded in his neck, or worse. Try explaining that to the ER staff. The logistical issues of a Werehamster are difficult and of course dangerous.

Werewolves, on the other hand, really don’t need to worry about much of anything. They’re on the top of the food chain.

But don’t give up hope. There is a way to transform him into a real big boy Werewolf. Get in touch with the local Werewolf community (but not on a full moon night) and they’ll be glad to help you out. There is one condition, if your son wants to be a Werehamster then the Werewolves won’t help you. They don’t do hostile conversions. OK sometimes they do hostile conversions but they’re Werewolves. You know how they are.

I hope this helped. Good luck. If all else fails just do the hamster dance and keep your kid away from those wheels.

Click here for the hamster dance!

I'm cute. I'm cute. I'm cute. I'm cute.

I’m cute. I’m cute. I’m cute.


Dear Juliette,

My child likes crusts. Is that normal?


We like crusts and haggis.

We like crusts and haggis.

Dear Juliette,

Items keep vanishing from my house. Sometimes I’ll find it in odd places like behind the couch, or on the floor in another room. Am I going crazy? Do I have ghosts?

No, you aren’t going crazy. You don’t have ghosts in your home.

You DO have one or more of the following creatures: husbands, children, cats, dogs, or crows.

My favorite crow, by ceramic artist Eric Dahlin

My favorite crow, by ceramic artist Eric Dahlin

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~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman





12 thoughts on “Ask Juliette: Blood Types, Werehamsters, and Possible Ghosts

    • Ohhhhh I could write an entire blog post or two or three about that. Vampires have a somewhat wary relationship with clergy. There is both a repulsion and an attraction. But yes, to answer your questions, there are subtle undertones especially, for some unknown reason, in Monks that comes to mind. They have an undertone of pear with a bit of woodsmoke, and veal. We have a lot of LDS folks around here and they all call each other by the title “Sister.” Not exactly like a nun, but my brother Andy told me about a woman he frequents who’s blood has subtle undertones of Lime Jello, red onion, and a hint of honey.

      • Pear and woodsmoke? I reckon that’s because they’re Benedictine and are brewing their own ciders, beers and liqueurs. Random fact, the mother house of my community is in Whitby, Yorkshire. We’re kind of used to vampires. 🙂


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