“They’re ALL Idiots” – So Begins the Senior Year of High School

Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up.

So goes the morning song of the parent of school aged children.

Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up NOW.

Last Thursday was the first day of the last year of high school. After June 2, 2017 I will no longer have “school aged” children.

Last Wednesday we (17-year-old Senior Clara and I) went to the school to get books, order the year book, and get a class tee-shirt, plus find out where the classes are. As we stood in line in the cafeteria/multipurpose room with other kids and other parents I didn’t recognize any of the other kids. Upon asking my daughter if she knew anyone she got a disgusted look on her face.

“They’re all idiots. So many of the student government types and jocks think high school is the highlight of their lives. I just can’t wait for it to be over. I can’t stand them. They’re the ones who will bomb out in college because no one will think they’re special.”

This was a surprise, but not really. Unlike her social-butterfly-involved-with-everything-most-popular-kid-in-the-school, not to mention best looking kid in the school older brother, Clara is more pragmatic about this chapter in her life. Sure she is having fun, she is involved, and she has friends. But she gets disgusted with the “go team” attitudes, and of kids who annoy her.

Like her mother, everyone sees Clara as sweet, beautiful, funny, smart, and a lovely girl. They have no idea of the contempt and disgust going on in her brain. I try to chalk that up to the alpha Vampire in her – a quality that will be useful as she becomes an adult.

School started the next day. All was well. Most of the idiots had fallen by the wayside. The other kids in her classes were great. Yes, GREAT. Her teachers are the BEST. School is as good as it gets. She has started to laugh and tell me funny stories about school this year. And I gave a sigh of relief. I have avoided teen angst with my kids so far. Teen angst is one thing I will not put up with.

In Clara’s defense, she always says, “Teen angst is stupid. Why make yourself and everyone around you miserable.” At that moment I knew I’d been a success as a parent.

Alright, it wasn’t all rainbows, baby bunnies, and unicorns. There is a kid in her Senior Government class, I’ll call James (that isn’t his real name.) He is sooooooooooo annoying. He has been sooooooooo annoying since their Freshman year. She told me that at least five kids said if they could get away with it that they’d smack him. I asked what he did. I guess not much on Friday except just be there. He is one of those kids who acts like he is smarter than everyone else, and his parents tell him he is as brilliant as Issac Newton and Albert Einstein put together, and he is just annoying. You know the kid who always has to contradict everything every other kid says. I asked if he had friends. Of course he does. Everybody, even the most annoying and weird kids have friends at her school.

That is one thing we all learn in school (why I’m not a big home school advocate) is how to deal with people who are difficult, odd, annoying, and not like us. In the great big world there will be many different lifestyles, opinions, and levels of weirdness. School is the best place to learn how to deal with it and get it over with before life gets big.

Stupid is what happens in high school. Kids say and do stupid things due to lack of experience. The first few years the kids are still growing like unruly puppies. Nobody knows if they should roll over, pee on the floor, or growl. By senior year they are all like nice, well trained, relaxed and alert dogs. They aren’t quite police dog trained yet, but they’re getting there. I have to say, that no matter what, there has always been more good than not, at least of my children.

Unlike her brother Garret, Clara has no best friend. She has a lot of close friends. Many many many friends, but best friends have come and gone, usually due to moving, going to different schools, or just drifting apart due to disagreements about life choices. The core kids in her group are still there. I figure by the end of the year she’ll have someone she spends most of her time with. It could be someone she already knows, or it could be someone she meets this year. You never know.

This morning I dropped her off at school. I think I must have made about six bad puns before she got out of the car. She smiled and said, “People who say a lot of puns say it is like a sickness, they can’t help it.” I told her she was right.

The dog tried to get out of the car too, and it took both of us to get her back in.

All is normal. All is good. The school year has started. I hope we all learn something.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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4 thoughts on ““They’re ALL Idiots” – So Begins the Senior Year of High School

    • Our schools just did a big survey on starting high school an hour later. But as with the new science wing it will take years and years and years and years before anything happens.

  1. Ahh, school. Hated it 🙂
    It’s very different over here, mind. Or at least it was when I was there. No “school spirit”. It was just a place we had to go to for years and years and years…


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