Burning Question #43: Humor me

Wow. Burning Question #43 is upon us. And I have NOTHING to add to this except some memes that have nothing to do with this. But maybe they do…

So you run into a Vampire in a dark alley. It’s fangs are out. You aren’t wearing a scarf. Then it tells you a joke. Do you laugh?

Burning Question #43: Do Vampires Have a Biting Sense of Humor?

Thanks for answering the poll. Feel free to leave comments about humor, Vampires, wombats, or anything you want.

I know, I know, I usually try to write something funny, but it is just one of those days. It isn’t bad… I just can’t think of anything today.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. I’m apparently low on vampire humor at The Nest (which may answer this burning question)…. so I scrolled through my old comics and found the first one that I thought was LOL worthy…

  2. That was a pretty funny post. I think vampires are like humans… some are humorous, some others aren’t. I saw one vampire on TV once and thought, if I would ever meet THAT one somewhere on a cemetary around midnight, I’d be throwing myself into his fangs, carotid artery first. And believe me, I’m not one who allows to be bitten at the first date. LOL

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