Burning Question #57: Bunches of Cats (and dogs)


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Burning Question #57: If a bunch of cats jump on top of each other, is it still called a dog pile?


I forgot all about sea lions. Look they’re piling.

My real goal is to get my two cats to wear cute hats and ring bells for treats. I tried to do that a few times but they were afraid of the bell. I’ll keep trying.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Sea lions are the total master of the dog pile. 😆 Hmm. Would they be called a lion pile? Which gets me wondering…A family of lions is called a pride. Lions are big cats. So, would a pile of cats be called a pride pile?

  2. It’s called a dog pile because puppies sleep on top of each other in a big cuddly pile. I mean, have you ever seen a litter of puppies sleep? It’s pure furry, smooshy heaven! But – kittens and adult cats tend to do the same thing, so they deserve their own term. That’s why I voted for cat pile.

    1. I haven’t been around many litters of puppies. That is so sad. I’ve just adopted orphan dogs. I wasn’t around when my man and child picked out the current dog. Yes, cats DO deserve their own term. Definitely.

  3. I have no idea what a “dog pile” is. I got an idea from a slang dictionary but I don’t think it’s a term we use over this side of the pond 😦 So I’ve gone with mermaids 🙂

    1. Good choice. The term is usually used in sports but people use it for just about anything. I’ve never seen dogs in a pile. I’ve seen cats, pigs, children, and snakes in a pile but never dogs.

  4. A pile is a pile is a pile… in my opinion, a pile of cats would be a cat pile. A pile of mermaids would be a mermaid pile… even though I admit, I have difficulties to picture that… LOL

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