Burning Question #58: Girl in the Glass Coffin

Snow White is a 19th-century German fairy tale by the The Brothers Grimm. It was first published in 1812. The German title was Sneewittchen with translates to Snow White.

Snow White might also have been a Vampire due to the choice of putting her in a glass coffin out in the middle of the woods, but that is neither here nor there. We also might consider the question “When was the war of 1812?”

Everyone know the story of Snow White. Yes, there was another earlier story called Snow White and Rose Red. It was a favorite of mine when I was a child.

So gather round children and I will tell you the tale.

Once upon a time there were two sisters named Snow White and Rose Red. Snow White had pale blonde hair. She was quiet and reserved. Rose Red had dark hair and was more outspoken and told it like it was.

They lived in the woods with their mother. Who knows where their dad was. Nobody in these stories ever comes from a two parent home.

One winter night there was a knock on the door. Rose Red opened the door and saw a half frozen bear. Being the animal loving girl she was, Rose Red let the bear into the house and told it to sit by the fire. The sisters brushed the snow off of the bear and brushed his fur.

For the rest of the winter the bear kept coming back and sleeping by the fire. Good gig if you can get it. Snow White was especially fond of the bear and would kiss him on his furry face as if he was a large German Shepard Dog.

At this point I don’t know where the mom went. The story never mentions it. I assume she is reading or on the Internet trolling for single middle aged men, or finding out how to get rid of bears.

In the meantime the girls go for a walk in the woods. They see a dwarf with his beard caught under a log. He is cursing up a storm and dropping all sorts of F bombs. Snow White said they must rescue him. He said, “Help me bitches before I die out here.”

Rose Red took out her embroidery scissors and cut his beard. The dwarf was super pissed off and dropped some more F bombs and ran off.

For the next couple of weeks Snow White and Rose Red kept rescuing the dwarf from being carried away by eagles, being eaten by wolves, from being trapped in a hole, from being eaten by squirrels, and all kinds of other life threatening situations.

Each time he left the sisters with curses and threats.

Finally one day he exposed himself to the girls, knocked them down, and threatened to do bodily harm to them. All of the sudden the bear appeared and was ready to kill the dwarf. But Rose Red took out her scissors and slashed the dwarf across the neck and killed him.

The bear turned into a man. A quite handsome man at that. For you see, the dwarf had enchanted the man and turned him into a bear. Why? Because the dwarf was an asshole. So when Rose Red killed the dwarf the enchantment was broken. Who knows the entire woods might have been suddenly populated by people who’d been animals.

Anyway…The bear man ended up marrying Snow White. It turns out (as it always does in these stories) that he had an even more handsome brother, who had a great sense of humor. Rose Red married the brother. And they all lived happily ever after. I’m going to assume they had an awesome uncle who married the mom. The end.



So that brings us back to the other Snow White. Was her name really Snow White? She might have had pale skin (another reason she was probably a Vampire) but what did people really call her?


Burning Question #58: What Was Snow White’s Real Name?




I hope you enjoyed this informative post and PLEASE leave comments below. If you have a different burning question go ahead and ask it. Please say something.

I’ll see you back here next Saturday for another BURNING QUESTION.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. I almost chose Mer Maid just because it made me happy to see that as an option. But I think the name Veronica suits her better for some reason. Maybe it’s the fact that she has black hair. Or maybe because I like the idea of someone like Snow White having a strong sounding name like Veronica.

      1. That gets me thinking in all sorts of weird directions. If Veronica is Snow White, does Betty have to be the Evil Queen? I’m guessing Archie would be the Prince. Can Jughead be the Evil Queen’s henchman/faithful side kick?

  2. Snow White’s name was, of course, Snow White if her sister’s name was Rose Red. (Considering these names I’m not surprised the father left a woman who was dumb enough to pick names like these for her daughters… but that’s only a detail.)
    What’s more important is the difference between the two fairy tales as well as the two girl’s names.
    As you said, the German title of Snow White which we all know (the one with the seven dwarves… which reminds me that I have no clue how myriads of people can protest against a harmless Christmas song like “Baby it’s cold outside” but the very same people let their children and Grandkids
    watch a fairy tale with one woman living with seven single men alone in
    one hut.) But let’s get back to the point:
    Snow White with the seven dwarves, as you mentioned, was called
    “Schneewittchen” in German. (Skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony, lips as red as blood – I think you’re right – she must have been a vampire. How else could she have survived a poisonous apple?)
    The other fairy tale with the two sisters and the bear (with his surprising
    brother) That girl’s name was “Schneeweisschen” as compared to our “Schneewittchen”… and don’t ask me what the difference in ‘weisschen’ and ‘wittchen’ is – neither one makes sense to me.
    Oh please, the Brothers Grimm have so many wonderfully illogical fairy tales. Can we not analyse a few more of them? LOL

    1. Schneewittchen just sounds cool to the English language ear. I’ll use that name in a future story. But good points. And yes, we will analyze more stories in the future. Let me know what your favorites are and we’ll have a regular Grimm Fest.

      AND you have a point there with weird stories about a lone woman living with seven strange men, and other odd fairy tale twists. Forget about her spending her time cleaning and singing to animals. I bet instead of cleaning Snow White whipped those little guys into shape and got their mining business in tip top shape. Forget the singing Prince. She found a guy with an Engineering degree and got her own MBA and lived happily ever after.

      1. Have you ever seen the movie “Snow White: A Tale Of Terror”? With Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill? Should you ever watch it – make sure there are no kids, ghosts or innocent pets around. That movie ain’t for the fainthearted.
        The bestestest thing about that movie is close to the end: It is snowing, one of the seven ‘dwarves’… (or strange men, in our case) is in love with Snow White and helps her finding and saving her Daddy… It’s winter and snowing.
        He pulls her Dad out of wherever he was, outside… Snow White finds them there… Deeply grateful Snow White looks with a loving smile into the eyes of her Dad’s savior… they smile at each other with deep affection… white the Daddy lies in his nightgown on the frozen ground, his teeth chattering from the cold – he can’t even talk he’s so cold… but his daughter and her sweetheart are staring at each other. LOL

  3. I was totally unaware of the Rose Red story. Had I known, I might have turned it into a SCT play by now. I would imagine White and Red weren’t their real surnames unless they each had different baby daddies. Another burning question…. why are there a whole bunch of people named White and Black and Gray and Green…. but nobody with a last name of Red? Or Orange? Or Purple? As a Brown, I am upset I didn’t get one of the cool colors for a name…

    1. Wow. You brought up some points that are making my head spin. They might have had different baby daddies since they looked so different. You never know out there in the woods. Lumber Jack or a Prince passing through. A nice little cottage with a hot babe living there out there in the middle of nowhere…Come on in for a nice home cooked meal honey and a very special after dinner treat.

      Purple would be an awesome last name. I’m going to use the name Rain Purple in a future story.

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