I don’t reference books or movies because this blog is about real life parenting and relationships. It is not about Vampire/Werewolf/Ghost books or movies unless I post something about books or movies.

I do use metaphors, and analogies, and allegories from time to time.

I don’t answer to a Vampire Lord, or belong to a coven, or sleep in a coffin, or live in a crypt. I live in a house by a park in a suburban neighborhood.

I don’t wear Victorian clothing unless I’m going to a historic reenactment or it is Halloween. Of course sometimes I wear Victorian inspired accessories.

I do not let blood drip from my chin. Seriously that is not nice, not polite, and sort of rude. Seriously, would you let your kids drip food down their chins? What if you were on a date and the person you hoped you’d get lucky with that night had food dripping from their chin? All bets for getting laid are off for that night.

I wear sunscreen and hats. I don’t avoid the sunlight. If I avoided sunlight, and that goes for any Vampire, we’d never get anything done.

Just because I can see ghosts doesn’t mean I have to like them.

Other “paranormal” folk have their own issues to deal with. We deal with each other in our own way. We don’t have rumbles in the woods Matrix style with Werewolves, or do silly things like that. Who has time for that? Plus what would our kids think?

I have kids. Some Vampires, not all, but a few, have children. Deal with it.

I do believe that it is the duty of everyone who has a child to put that child first and be the best parent you can be.

Talk to your kids. Not AT them but TO them.

Listen to your kids. Listen without judgement. Let them express what they have to say.

Encourage your children to tell you about their world (school, friends, hopes, interests) without fear of being judged or adult-splained.

Don’t take a grunt for an answer. Engage with your child even if you have to give them a nudge and a NO GURNT or single word policy.

Learn from your kids.

Learn from your own mistakes and teach your kids not to make those mistakes.

Don’t be afraid of talking to your kids about hard topics.

If your kid is hanging around an awful kid or bad influence then STOP IT. You are the parent. You are allowed to say NO to shitty friends. You are allowed to tell your friend why someone is a shitty friend and a bad influence.

Teach your child about reputation. It is easy to throw your good reputation away but almost impossible to get it back.

Teach your child about bullies. Teach them not to be bully bait. Teach them to stand up to bullies, or just ignore bullies. Teach them to get help. Teach them that it is not NORMAL to be bullied or to be a bully. Teach them that bullies are assholes. Don’t be a bully. Don’t be an asshole.

I believe that dogs and cats have souls.

I do believe that we should encourage our children to have dreams and not kill those dreams because we’re too fucking stupid to realize what that means to a child, especially teens and young adults.

I do believe in the Spirit of Christmas.

I do believe in Mermaids.

I type Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Mermaid, and all other paranormal creatures titles with a CAPITOL letter just because this is my blog and I make the rules here.

Write your own truth. Create your own art. Travel your own path.

I do believe I am done for right now.

As always…

Wear a mask when required. Get vaccinated. Check in on those who are elderly, alone, or might need some extra help. Hug your dogs and cats (or whatever critters you live with. Read WPaD (Writers, Poets, and Deviants) anthologies and give them as gifts. Be kind. Don’t be a dick. Don’t swear as much as I do (I swear more than all four of my brothers put together.) Talk to your kids. Call your adult children TODAY for no reason other than to say hello. And kiss a Vampire (you’ll thank me for it later)


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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