Fights and Tights Don’t Mix!!!! A Vampire’s Advice to Superheroes.

My kids are always asking me “Why do Superheros dress in tights and masks? Why can’t they just be themselves?”

Interesting coming from Vampire teens, but they do have a point.

Dear Superhero,
Why do you wear tights and capes and masks? Isn’t that sort of uncomfortable and really impractical? My kids need an answer.

Love, Juliette

We have all have a great time with the big crop of Superhero movies out in the past couple of years. Are you kidding – who doesn’t like Ironman? But then again, unlike other superheros Ironman doesn’t pretend to be somebody else.

Come on guys…Why the tights? Why the capes? Why the masks?

The only time we dress funny (Vampires) is on Halloween. Do you honestly think my Vampire husband will trade in jeans and a comfy shirt while watching the World Series (Go Giants) for tails and a red lined cape? Give me a break. I don’t even think either my husband or I have ever even owned a red lined cape.


Tights and Fights Don’t Mix

My daughter is in skating and we know how expensive good tights are and how easy it is to rip them. Even a small fall can completely ruin a good pair of tights. It just makes common sense. And believe me, most GUYS don’t want to be wearing tights of any kind, much less capes and masks.

Free yourself Superheros – we don’t care who you are or that you have day jobs.

We all wear a lot of hats. Wearing a lot of hats is part of modern life.

Most people I know have no idea I’m a Vampire – but I don’t dress funny when I go out for a hunt. That would be just too silly.

Vampires, Werewolves and others have to hide who we are for obvious reasons – survival being the main reason. But a Superhero? People love them. They don’t need to hide.
I guess that’s why the real heroes don’t wear masks except for safety and sometimes wear uniforms, but they don’t need to hide who they really are. I guess that’s why they’re heroes.

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