The Vampire Vote (We Vote – We Care)

I feel like it gets out of hand. Obviously our elected officials are not doing their jobs. Oh, right, I live in California so that is a given. A long standing tradition where the state motto Eureka does not stand for “I found my brain”. Maybe we need to bring in some Zombies – they know how to find brains.

From Wikipedia: In California, a ballot proposition is a proposed law that is submitted to the electorate for approval in a direct vote (or plebiscite). It may take the form of a constitutional amendment or an ordinary statute. A ballot proposition may be proposed by the State Legislature or by a petition signed by members of the public under the initiative system. In California a vote on a measure referred to voters by the legislature is a mandatory referendum; a vote to veto a law that has already been adopted by the legislature is an optional referendum or “people’s veto”; the process of proposing laws by petition is the initiative.”

In my opinion it is a mess. It is decided through money and not real information. If we took all of the billions of dollars spent on election propaganda and spent it on schools, science research, National Parks, road repairs…wow just imagine (and don’t start singing that song, you know which one, just cut it out or I will send the Zombies to YOUR house).

THAT SAID: My message is for everyone to VOTE on Tuesday. I might not agree with you or even respect your opinions BUT I DO respect your right to vote. I honor your right to vote. And remember…there are people in other countries who DIE for their right to vote (yes, that still happens).

Also do your RESEARCH. Know WHO and WHAT you are voting on. The ads on TV and the radio don’t tell the truth or only tell half truths. Don’t listen to actors or comedians or late night talk show hosts or haters. Listen to the words of the people running for office. Look at their records. Look at the facts. The better informed you are the better you’ll feel when you vote.

Don’t be IGNORANT. It isn’t attractive.

My husband Teddy, Cody (our Vampire in training – a new Vampire from the Silicone Valley), Lola (my great great great grandmother), my brother Val and the two extremely elderly Vampires (who were sitting on the floor doing bead work or something crafty).

Cody asked “You’re all US citizens, right?.”

“Of course we are,” said my husband Teddy.

“You were born in Panama.” Teddy always thought that was one of the cool things about Teddy.

My parents were US citizens. I was born along the way when they headed out for the Gold Rush in 1849. That made me a citizen of the United States, because my parents were citizens.

“What about you?” He asked Lola and the ancient ones.

“I was born in Rome but I have lived here since 1801.” Lola’s father was a Pope a very long time ago but that is another post.

“The places we were born don’t exist anymore, at least not as cities.” Called one of the ancient Vampires from the floor.

“Vampires vote.” I said. “As do Werewolves. We all work, pay taxes, send our kids to public schools. We drive on the roads, use the parks, need law enforcement and the help of the fire departments. And there aren’t enough of us to help with National Defense. So of course we vote.”

“We pay taxes,” said Val, “more than our share.”

“What about ghosts?” Cody just had to ask.

“They’re dead.” We all said that at once.


“If they’re not quite dead yet they can vote, but if they’re dead with complete brain failure and their soul is gone they can’t vote.” I said

“Do Vampires ever run for office?” Cody looked at all of us.

Val answered. “We have but it isn’t a good idea these days with the media being all over the private lives of those running.”

“It could endanger us all,” I said. “We prefer to work in the background. After all, more often than not it is the background people who make the decisions and really run the show.”

“Has there ever been a Vampire president?” Cody asked.

“Not a president but there have been a few elected officials in high places,” Lola answered. She would know.  “A Vice President or two.”

“Why don’t we just come out of the closet?” Cody was new to all of this. The new ones always ask this question time and time again.

“They’d kill us,” said Val. “That or try to put us in camps. It would be a blood bath. No pun intended.”

“People are afraid of what they don’t understand.” The elders said in unison in their quiet musical voices.

“And most people don’t want to understand,” I added.

Teddy looked up and took off his reading glasses. “It is easier to stay ignorant than informed. So let’s get back to the facts.”

So we sat with our voter books and laptops and did our research. Most of us had made up or minds but it was always good to take another look.

Talk to your kids about voting – make sure they register when they turn 18. Get them involved too!

Vote on Tuesday.

And don’t forget to set your clocks back on Sunday!

~ Juliette


  1. “People are afraid of what they don’t understand.” And they’re basically lazy, so they don’t want to put in the effort to study what they don’t understand, hence the mess California (and the rest of the US) is in. You’re spot on, Juliette! Get the facts and get them for yourself. There’s no free ride and we should all be participating in the process.

    1. Thanks Amelia! Unfortunately ignorance is in fashion these days. I think I’ll search out the Zombies – at least they know where to find the brains! But voting is the first start. And I urge everyone to get on the mail lists of their elected officials (if you’re a fan or not) and know what is going on. Comment and let them know what you think. YOU TELL THEM!

  2. I voted weeks ago. I couldn’t stand the tension. Also, our village had an education vote. Made sure that worked out right. I agree with “ontheplumtree” we need to be careful in America. If the election goes the wrong way not only is America sunk but we will bring the rest of the world down with us. Laziness is not a good enough reason to not get out and cast your vote. First and foremost, think carefully and be informed with accuracy and not lies about who is the candidate we want to see living in the White House and Protecting this country and the world. J.K. the secret keeper

  3. “If we took all of the billions of dollars spent on election propaganda and spent it on schools, science research, National Parks, road repairs…wow just imagine”

    This. (applause)

    Any way we can make it illegal to give money to politcal parties and/or candidates? Do we need a referendum on that?

    1. I’m glad you agree. Spread the word and I stand and give you applause as well. The money spend IS out of hand. Not sure what to do about it because it is the POLITICIANS who can fix it. Sort of like asking the cat to “take care of those baby birds for me” (or at least my cat).

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