Knowing they could eat you…

Last night

He sat on the fence

Watching as coyotes passed

Knowing they could eat him

Knowing they could eat you

Giving them the evil eye

While he waited silently.

And now you allow

Him to rest upon your bed

While you watch over him

And make sure he is safe

In his sleep

While he dreams of your kind acts

And will wake

In gratitude (maybe).


3 thoughts on “Knowing they could eat you…

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  2. Lol! Love it! I do that with my cat as we have a lot of foxes in the garden. And my dog defends her too when given the chance. We can’t let her loose though as she scales the fence after them and chases them through the neighbour’s gardens…not the done thing on Surrey!

    • Thank you. He dashes out the door some nights and we can’t get him to come back. Sounds like he’d admire your cat for her spunk. I’d like to see a fox but they’re all at less populated areas or hiding better than the brazen coyotes.


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