Why I don’t write about my parents.

I don’t write about my parents much. I write about my brothers, the Ancient Vampires, my great great great grandmama, my husband, my kids and others, but not my parents.

I’d rather write about the Ancient Elder Vampires because I see them a lot. We are close. I feel a responsibility to make sure they are safe. My readers can relate to them and to me when I write of them.

My father is lovely indeed but a bit old fashioned.

My mother is whatever she wants to be. It is difficult to write about someone who is emotionally disconnected and almost completely lacking in empathy. Even for a Vampire my mother is cold. Yes, she is charming, but she is emotionally not there. She is the perfect Vampire.

Of course that is the opinion of her younger three children, especially the youngest two (Valentine and me). You’d get a different story from the two eldest, but they’re the most screwed up of all of us.

Those who know her adore her. She is as lovely as a perfect springtime day but as cold as ice. That isn’t a good thing or a bad thing – it is just a thing.

I love them, but I choose not to write a lot of posts about them.

So that is that.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



12 thoughts on “Why I don’t write about my parents.

  1. This is your blog, Juliette. You just do what you feel like doing. 🙂 If you decide not to write too much about your parents it’s your decision and I’m sure everyone accepts this! 🙂

    • Some readers just get curious and ask… an of course it is always more fun to write about my brothers, ghosts and other odd and assorted Vampires and Werewolves. It is more fun for my readers as well (I’m sure.) Thanks for coming by and for your support.

  2. In my experience, the elders are funner to know about, (to write about too). Someone who’s so cold you don’t know much about it not fun to write, and also harder for readers to care about.
    I think all vampire families have at least one cold person. 😉

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