Burning Question #23: Brain Drain


Today’s burning question is sure to boggle your mind. 

We often (by we I mean the general we, not you and me) speak of how smart humans are, or more often than not, how stupid individuals are.

We also speak about how some groups of people run seemingly blind to all reason and some do not. Don’t even get me started on politics. Seriously, don’t. Don’t you start either.

I try to talk to my children about the reasoning behind some groups and the dangerous notion of group think. We wonder if they will ever change. This is of course on the negative side of humanity. Why do people join cults? Why do people join extremist or destructive hateful organizations? Why do people embrace ignorance rather than look for answers? Why are some people curious and some aren’t? Is it society? Are we just stupid by nature? Have we reached our limits?

Do you ever wish you were smarter? Maybe just a bit?

Of course we know there are no limits on how smart Vampires are. LOL. Just kidding. I know plenty of Vampires who are willing to prove to everyone what jack asses they are.

Yes, I know you were expecting something funny. Here you go.



Burning Question #23: Is there a limit to how smart individuals and communities can be?


I hope with all of my heart that the answer is NO. If you’re a parent or have children in your lives please tell them the answer is NO. There is no limits to how smart one can be. The same goes with compassion, humor, and love. No limits.

But feel free to answer how YOU want to answer.

Feel free to share any thoughts, strong opinions, puns, childhood stories, or poetry in the comments section.

Thank you for dropping by and answering this Burning Question.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


4 thoughts on “Burning Question #23: Brain Drain

  1. Is there a limit to how smart individuals and communities can be? I voted ‘yes’. I figure that’s because I think, ‘being smart’ often ends where ‘community’ starts. Additionally I think, very often, ‘being intelligent’ and ‘common sense’ don’t go together. And probably I’m very cynical right now since I just lately made these experiences once again.
    I won’t go into details, otherwise I’d write a comment that’s about 20 times the length of your post. But it wasn’t fun. *sigh*
    (I don’t deny they’re exceptions though!)

  2. I chose that “smart is a relative term” since, wisecrack addendum aside, it actually best describes how I would feel about this. And that’s about all I can say about that without going into discussions neither of us would want to delve into….

    • I’d love to delve but I’m getting a lot of traffic and not wanting to sound like an asshole to people who I think are assholes (none of my regular blogging buddies mind you). Next week I’ll be back to questions about wood chucking rodents, things that go bump in the night, and other more important issues.


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