Burning Questions 2023 Edition, #6: Unsolved Mysteries

Podcasts, TV, books, and the Internet are full of shows about mysteries. I’m not talking about neatly wrapped up crime shows. I’m talking about UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. Many of the stories in the polls have been featured in the above mentioned media. Many are things we silently wonder about, not daring to question our concerns out loud.

Answer the poll. Don’t be shy. All information is confidential (I won’t sell it, at least not until I decide where I’m going on my next big vacation.)

Note: I didn’t put anything down about Vampires, because this blog already contains everything you need to know about that subject. And NO I will not turn you into a Vampire no matter how many times you ask. The answer will always be NO.

Have fun. Stay curious. If you solve any of the above mysteries or have the answers to any of these let me know. And kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Proof of Life on Mars!


  1. No matter how many plastic containers I get, either all of the lids go missing, some of the lids go missing, or the specific-sized container that I’m looking for goes missing (but I can find the lid).

  2. Unsolved Mysteries (The Robert Stack series from the 80’s) was one of the few shows I watched every week when I was a kid! It was kind of a mix of America’s Most Wanted and The Twilight Zone…

  3. I have lids that don’t belong to any plastic container I’ve ever owned, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away because that’s how you wind up with lidless containers. And yet I still have so many without lids that once had lids. It’s a true mystery.

    1. Once a year I organize my containers and lids. Within a few weeks they end up unmatched again and the forces of the dark universe take over. It is a mystery for sure. Demons are involved.

  4. Flying Monkeys

    They are a much needed sidekick; sometimes we need to place the blame for our absent minded behavior on the flying monkeys. “My monkeys failed to remind me that we were meeting for lunch yesterday. ”
    How do we explain their antics when not many others see them? The answer is that your sense of nonsense is missing. Do you hate the poem “Jabberwocky” or Dr. Seuss? You probably don’t have a set of flying monkeys!

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