Watching Catfish and Vampires…

My teens started to watch Catfish the MTV show based on the documentary.

If you haven’t seen the show this is a quick rundown:

  1. Boy meets girl on internet.
  2. Girl is perfect.
  3. Boy falls in love.
  4. Girl says she is in love too.
  5. Boy wants to meet girl in person.
  6. Girl makes excuses.
  7. Suddenly too good to be true isn’t true.
  8. Boy calls in Catfish crew to see if girl is real.

And from what we’ve seen 9 out of 10 times it isn’t true. The boy or girl on the other end of the computer line has lied about everything. Half the time the photos aren’t even real. Guys expecting knock out skinny big boobed blondes named Bambi instead end up meeting a large awkward girl named Jen. Sometimes it isn’t even a girl on the other. But it is sad and true that so many people get hooked into online relationships that aren’t with real people.

What sort of sick and twisted person would do that?

Which leads us to “Mr. Negative I hate all junk like this that will rot your brain” – otherwise known as Dad. I draw the line at Snooky and the Kardashian Sluts and Wives-of-Wherever and Whatever-&-Pregnant. But Catfish is such a sad sad train wreck and we can’t help but want to look. And to call the kettle black – I’ve caught DAD on the sly watching every Hillbilly Swamp People Inbred Jed Show that is out there.

We’ve had a lot of discussions about online everything at our house. You have to these days if there are kids in the house. I don’t believe in too much censorship or keeping them off (unless they are grounded). It is the way the world is today and I don’t want them to be in the dark. If they’re in the dark about social media then they WILL be irresponsible and stupid about it when the get on it. The same things here apply to anything good that can be abused (cars, alcohol, sex, too many pets, etc etc etc).

But that isn’t the point of this story. We’re talking about Catfish and kind of sort of watching it in the background when the DAD comes in.

“What’s the difference between those people and us?” He said us as in US in all caps. As in Vampires.

Note: Yes, to those who don’t frequent this blog it is “Musings of a Modern Vampire Mom”.  Go to the Curious about Juliette page for all the details. We’re just like you…only we’re not. Don’t take that part of this blog too seriously or think about it too much or your head will explode.

“It isn’t the same” the three of us (the teens and I) say to DAD in unison.

“We pretend to be something else for our own gain. We trick people. We lie about who we are” he says.

At this point I’m ready to scream. I don’t have a quick answer because I know it ISN’T the SAME but I don’t have the words to express myself at that moment. The kids know it isn’t the same thing. Damn it. We need our own reality TV show.

I can’t end it at that. The kids said things like “Dad it isn’t the same and you know it”, “We give back”, “We make people feel good about themselves”, “99% of the time the don’t even know we’ve taken blood from the and we leave them feeling all warm and fuzzy so it isn’t the same.” OK well that sort of ended right there. And you know, this is the man who sat out under the stars last night with me in the driveway with the top off of the yellow convertible and turned up Pink Floyd playing Great Gig in The Sky and said “This is the music they should send into space.” That is why I love that man.

Welcome to my world, I love it and hope you’re loving your world too.

Happy Weekend Everyone,

Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Catfish Movie Information: Click here.

Now to get your weekend off to a good start…click here to see an exceptionally cute frog with a teeny tiny little voice. If you don’t smile I’ll know you’re a real goblin.

6 thoughts on “Watching Catfish and Vampires…

  1. You’ve been watching too many news broadcasts about ND’s Manti Teo…, I can tell. The whole idea of these “catfish” schemes is sick! Don’t understand what drives people to do such time-wasting things (unless they’re not in school, don’t have a job, or are so totally brainless that they are living in the fantasy they created). You’re becoming a real op/ed writer J. I miss your stories.

    • It is sick. I know so many people who have tried an been burned by online dating. Sigh. There are still places to meet people in real life – that “chance” meeting is always the best. Call me a romantic (because I am) but I’m a true believer in face-to-face honesty when it comes to romance. On the other hand I know people who are really happy and in love and married – and met online. That still amazes me. Catfish sort of reminds me of the old days when guys at the local prison (Folsom – yes the one Johnny Cash sang about) used to put ads in the paper looking for wives. “Nice guy looking for loving woman”. I could always tell the prison ads because of the return address – it didn’t say Folsom Prison but we all knew what it was.

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  3. I loved this post! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the others and this did have some good advice on teens. I just had to laugh at this though because I’ve been there (not being a vampire but having the weird discussions with contrary folks). Thanks.

    • Thank you Amelia. Hahahahahahahahaha I know you’ve been there. We just go around in that circle…I guess that is the real circle of life and love (not a monkey holding a kitten over a cliff – yikes).


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