Burning Question #2


I want answers.

I have questions for the ages.

These questions are important.

Today I will ask the SECOND of 50 BURNING QUESTIONS.

YOU will provide the answer. YES YOU. I’ve got a poll below. Don’t just say you like this post. Answer the poll question.

Please comment as well if you want. I encourage it.

Here today, Gorn tomorrow.



Which is it? Star Wars or Star Trek? 

You can base this on anything you want. Is it the hotness level of Chris Pine vs Harrison Ford? Tribbles vs Ewoks? Is it the never ending television series or movies? Seriously I love this stuff but only the good stuff. Both have a lot of crappy movies and TV associated with them. Both have been overdone to death. Both are like car wrecks – you don’t want to look but you can’t take your eyes off of it.

You have to admit, that despite the special effects and science fiction settings, both stories are stories of the close bonds of friendship and loyalty.

YOU KNEW this would be one of the questions. I’m getting it out of the way early. 


All of that said, Star Wars and Star Trek have narratives of friendship, loyalty, hot guys, and the thrill of discovery that have become embedded into our culture. They are our campfire stories. They are our legends. They spark the emotions and the imagination.

So what do you think? Maybe you don’t. Just do the poll.



~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Just because everything is random.

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  1. Oh gosh and goodness me. Though I’m usually watching one Star Trek series or another on a loop, I had to go with Star Wars purely because in my formative years (late 70s, early 80s) there was Star Wars but not (current) Star Trek. So there’s a whole nostalgia thing around it.

    1. That was supposed to be funny by people who live on this side of the pond.

      Nicholas Sparks is a best selling American romance author. Many of his books have been made into movies including “The Notebook” and “The Lucky One.” His stories tend to be a bit sappy but he is extremely popular in America. I’m not a big fan, but hey, read what you like, not what I like.


      He is one of those authors people either love or hate, but he is a good guy. He donated the track to my daughter’s high school (where he graduated a long time ago.)

  2. I’m meh on them both. I have more familiarity with Star Wars because Empire and Jedi were run on HBO a lot when I was a kid. I really only know Star Trek from Nickelodeon rerunning the animated cartoon in the 80’s (And I don’t think red shirts got Bustered often, if at all, in the cartoon). Neither particularly excites me. I’m the lone WTF? vote…

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