Burning Question #4: Is Love Blind?

Once again you get to baffle your brain, and your heart, with another BURNING QUESTION.

Today I will ask the Fourth (4th) of FIFTY (50) BURNING QUESTIONS.

YOU will provide the answer. YES YOU. Please comment as well if you want. I encourage it.  Don’t just click on this page and run away. Don’t just click on “like.” DO THE POLL below.  These questions are important.

Burning Question #4: Is Love Blind?

Sure you can be like the folks who marry for money in exchange for being a bird in a guilded cage, or you could be like everyone else marry for poor worthless love, or is it something else?

But seriously do you just jump? Is love blind, or is it looking forward with wide clear eyes. Does love make the whole world seem like beer goggles 24/7? Or does love give you a single minded clarity? I have no idea. You tell me.


~Thank you and I’ll see you back here for BURNING QUESTION #5 next Saturday.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Now look at the dog and the orangutan and listen to Sammy. Seriously have you ever seen anything so cute? I was talking about the animals but Sammy is pretty cute too (and OMG that voice.)



  1. Here’s a burning question…. why does everyone dump on the Sammy era of Van Halen? I mean, DLR was pretty good and all… but they had more success with Sammy and overall the songs were better.

    I wouldn’t know what love was if it ran over me with Sammy’s Trans Am… so I can’t answer the real question. I know when it comes to squirrels, love appears to be blind… and also very horny.

    1. People dump on Sammy? Are you kidding? Diamond Dave was fun, but Sammy could make a song come alive. Van Halen is my go to summer band but that is mostly because of Sammy.

      As for those squirrels, yes, love is blind and exceptionally cute.

  2. You bet your ass love is blind… it’s completely surrounded by darkness. I had been waking up too often out of clouded love-mind-attacks and asked myself where the hell my eye sight went. I know what I’m talking about. LOL

  3. I think actually love isn’t blind. We’re supposed to see the whole person, but we’re not supposed to just gloss over the “bad” bits. If we truly love someone, then don’t we have a duty to help them (when they ask for help) to improve themselves?

    1. I agree. If I look back at all the guys I’ve dated over the years… we won’t go there. Just poke my eyes out with a stick. I can say it was love at first sight with my husband, but it was another three years before we got married, and it is never easy. Then there is the unconditional love of our child that we share, which make our love stronger. On the other hand, I know love isn’t blind except maybe with kittens. Love is always blind for me when it concerns kittens.

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