Burning Question #13: Be Positive. Thank You.


Once again it is Saturday and time for the 13th of 50 Burning Questions. Answer YES or NO on the quick and easy poll below. Your answer is secret and will not be sold.  

Oscar Wilde
I have always adored Oscar Wilde.

“The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” ~ Oscar Wilde

This (below) is my cat Oscar who was named after Oscar Wilde. Stay with me here a bit… We had a gray kitten, but I didn’t want to name him Dorian Gray, so I called him Oscar. That was eight years ago. He is wild, especially when we’re trying to sleep. And like Oscar Wilde, my Oscar is a talker.

Marla Todd _ Oscar Gray
This is Oscar. I love this cat so much.

But we’re not here to talk about cats, Oscar Wilde, or donuts, or the fact that some people spell it “doughnuts.” Why the fur-ball would anyone spell it doughnuts?

But Oscar Wilde, and my cat have a point there. You want to see the donut. I mean, don’t YOU?

What we’re talking about is blood, because as you all know this IS a Vampire blog. And don’t you forget it. OK you can forget it if you’re afraid of Vampires.

We’re also talking about ill tempered Vampires, and others who insist on being negative all of the time and are all doom and gloom and oozing with negativity. Who needs that?

This is also a PARENTING blog so just be forewarned if you’re afraid of parents, or children.

I know you’re all getting tired of me, and I’ve completely confused you (on purpose mind you) so here you go… Burning Question #13… drum roll please.

Burning Question #13: Is a pessimist’s blood type B-negative?


Always go for the jelly filled ones.

All negativity aside… I mean, how can you get negative when donuts are involved? Thank you so much for dropping by. I’ll see you next Saturday, or hopefully before then. B-positive!


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



  1. I the fur-ball would spell it “doughnut” 🙂 My UK English spell checker is putting a little red line under “donut” 😦
    We don’t let that stop us enjoying a box of Dunkin’ Donuts though 🙂

    1. You sir are no fur-ball.

      Ohhhh I totally forgot that English speakers outside of my native land spell everything different. The difference is usually that you add more letters or switch out an s for a z. Then forget the fur-ball reference. That only applies to those of us who speak “Standard American English” rather than “The Queen’s English.” Or is it “Commonwealth English?” I don’t know, even the Canadian’s have their own way of doing things, and everyone else from each of the Big Five English Speaking Countries. Sometimes folks here will spell things the UK way to look sophisticated and it just makes them look stupid. I guess you could switch that for those in your part of the world who write “color” rather than “colour.”

      Near my home we have so many fantastic small family run donut shops. I’ll have to do a post about them sometime.

      1. It’s “The Queen’s English” 🙂
        We don’t have doughnut shops as such down here. In Cornwall we’re all about the pasties and cream teas 🙂

  2. You know… I’m not sure about that blood type thing. Let me tell you something. There was a time when I was a pessimist for a while. After going through a few really horrible things happening and nothing working out the way I planned it I turned into a dark, negative and dull person not finding one thing good about my life.
    Then something happened and I had a change inside my soul. Nowadays I still can be depressed occasionally. But no matter what, I’m not losing my humor and I’m much more positive.
    If a pessimists blood type would be B-negative… wouldn’t mind have changed by turning into an optimist? We know that’s biologically impossible. (On the other hand, a few very brave people, in fact, deny the existence of vampires). What does that say about us? 😀

    1. I’ve been so proud of you. You’ve come back even stronger. And it’s ok to have down days – read my blog and you know I have them too. But we come back.

      It is always better to see the donut rather than an empty hole.

      Let’s just say, for the benefit of all of us, that the answer of this silly question is NO, or two donuts and coffee.

  3. I am actually A negative…. or I would assume I am since I know (1) My Mom is A negative, and (2) it was confirmed in my 9th grade biology class that I am definitely A something (Not necessarily a seven letter A word). I only like glazed or white powdered donuts (Doughnuts is what stuffy old rich people would call them). And I don’t think I’m either a pessimist or an optimist, just a deep seated realist, which most people would probably equate with a pessimist, only I’m apathetic to negativity rather than let it bother me. And Oscar is so cute…

    1. A negative is one of the rarer blood types. Wow. I’m impressed. I’m A+, a more common blood type but that is sort of where the common ends with me.

      I’m trying to come up with something funny and punny like “Buster is A Negative Possum,” but I’m still half asleep and need more coffee right now. Buster isn’t so much negative as just A Jerk.

      Good donut choices. I’ll have to do a burning question on how to keep the powdered sugar on powdered donuts from getting all over the place.

      I hope to continue to post more Oscar cuteness in the future.

    1. Well then, the answer would be a resounding NO. You are one of the few actually qualified to answer this BURNING QUESTION.

      I knew you were B negative, but it was filed in the back drawer of my dusty brain archives when I posted this silly thing.

      You’re only a Zombie until you get your coffee. At least that is how I feel.

  4. They’re made of dough. That’s why, here in the UK, we spell them doughnuts. Although they’re not exactly shaped like nuts, so they should be doughballs or doughrings, right?

    I’ll take my language pedant and lock her back in her cage now! 😉

    1. It is the difference between “Queen’s English” and “Standard American English.” The Queen always adds in more letters so prove you’re smarter over there. We try to keep things simple so we’ll survive childhood with the least amount to trauma. LOL.

      Some donuts are made with batter too, but hey doughnuts or donuts – it’s all good! Bacon maple flavor is popular around here these days. All of the little donut shops have their own specialties. Nom nom nom.

      1. We just like to confuse non-natives! It’s great trying to hear those from outside the UK trying to pronounce our place names. Yes, we do it on purpose. It’s a way of getting our own back on other countries! 😉

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