Burning Question #36: Who Will Be At Your Thanksgiving Table?


Who will be at your Thanksgiving table? I know who will be UNDER my table. But this is about who will be above the table.

Thanksgiving will soon be here. Yes, this week’s Burning Question is about the upcoming holiday. If you don’t celebrate the traditional American (USA) version of Thanksgiving you can still imaging who you would like at your table at any large celebration where there is a lot of conversation and wine. 

Are you tired of the same old Thanksgiving conversations about Uncle Beezie’s corns, or Aunt Lulu’s prize winning rabbit hutches, or why Cousin Karl can’t get his shit together? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to yell, “Shut the fuck up,” before the turkey is even carved?

Just imagine if you could mix it up a little. What if you could add three more new and interesting famous or semi-famous people (animals or Vampires) to your guest list?


I’ve complied a list of writers, artists, creative film folks, scientists, and others who I think would be interesting. I can’t guarantee they all like turkey, but that’s ok. Everybody can bring their favorite side dishes and deserts to share.

If you don’t know who someone on the list is just look them up. You ought to be able to find everyone if you do the Google thing.



Burning Question #36: Pick Three Guests to Join Your Thanksgiving Table

Hey, if you have room add up to five more guests. The more the merrier.

To tell the truth my Thanksgiving celebrations have been absolutely wonderful with family and wonderful friends. But hey, we always have an open door and welcome new folks at my home.

I’ll have more on Thanksgiving later. In the meantime put in your vote (you can vote multiple answers on this poll) and add your own thought in the comments.

PLEASE add them in the comments below even if you’ve added something to the “other” choice. That doesn’t always show up.

Have fun.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. I chose Alice (The dog, not Cooper) and of course Buster. Though Buster would probably be ON the table (right next to the mermaid), not sitting at it. I didn’t choose a third since I’m an introvert and prefer my Thanksgiving table not to be crowded…

  2. Janet Evanovich because of her awesome books, Neil Gaiman for the same reason and Buster, though to be fair Buster is gonna end up ON the table. Being carved. So I added Patrick Stewart to take his place once he’s gone.
    To be fair I’ve only heard of maybe 10 people on your list anyway, so they can’t come.

  3. I chose Alice cause I like dogs, Stephen King because wouldn’t that be interesting and Dallon Weeks from IDK how but they found me because my daughter will love me forever if he came for Thanksgiving (should probably also invite Ryan his drummer. Wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings).

  4. I’m having a huge gathering with lots of guests. Juliette and her family are invited, and of course, so is Vlad!

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