More Answers to Your Questions About Vampires and Parenting.

No. Maybe you should just move to another state.

I suppose if your kid wants to sleep in a coffin that is ok, but it is kind of creepy and very few Vampires actually sleep in coffins. I advise you build a frame and let your kid sleep in it. If that doesn’t work out then you can put the contraption outside and use it as a raised bed garden box.

Vampire children know at an early age to keep secrets. It comes naturally.

No, that is just a myth.

That is also a myth.

And another myth. Don’t believe everything you read, especially if it is in the fiction section.

I don’t advocate a lot of parental controls over the Internet. What I DO advocate is sitting down with your kid and TALKING to them about Internet predators, pornography and the messages about relationships, body image, and sexism. Talk to them about hate groups. Talk to them about online bullying and how to prevent being bullied and hot to NOT be an online bully. Have fun with them and go online with your kids and share silly videos and photos (for example: cats in silly hats). If they accidentally come upon something inappropriate (that sometimes happens when doing research for school) encourage them to come to you about it so that you can discuss it together.

No self-respecting Vampire would do that.

Unfortunately Vampires and other “paranormal” folks like Werewolves, and Ghosts have no control over what so called “normal” people do. We’re not the problem. We’re not what or who you need to be scared of.


I won’t answer that.

Talk to your kids.

Always use cold water when dealing with blood stains.

There are no “half Vampires.” You’re either one or you aren’t.

No, I won’t even go into that.

Children need boundaries in order to learn to live in society as a responsible adult. It is ok to say NO to your child. Say NO to danger. Say NO to rudeness. Say NO to bullying. Say NO to high pitched screaming for no reason. Say NO to temper tantrums over the age of four. Say NO to hitting or otherwise hurting animals, and other children. You can do that. Kids understand that. They’ll thank you for it later. You’re the adult. Nobody like to be around a feral child anymore then they like to be around a feral adult.

Yes, puberty is especially difficult for Vampire kids because of, fangs, and well, use your imagination.



The answer will always be no.

There is nothing wrong with being charming.

There is nothing wrong with public schools and public universities.

Vampires can and will go where they aren’t invited.

Yes, strange things do happen when the moon is full.

Ghosts will haunt you because you let them haunt you.

Both cats and dogs.

Look it up.

Well, looks like I’ve run out of questions to answer for today.

As always, stay safe, be kind, don’t be a dick, and always look both ways. Also check in on those who are elderly, might need extra help, and those who are alone. Tell your dog that it is the best dog in the world and give it a belly rub. Pet your cat even if it is acting like an asshole. Stay curious. And last of all, kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman.

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