This is Halloween at the Vampire House!

Vampires do not dress up as Vampires on Halloween….

However, this year the girl child graduated from cute witches and things with fairy wings to something a little more scary!

And why yes, mom did do the makeup.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds – Life is Good

After we carve our Jack-o-Lanterns we roast the seeds.

Halloween isn’t great for Vampires who can’t take too much sugar. So pumpkin seeds are the perfect Halloween treat (other than fresh blood but that is a different post).

How you might ask, do I toast pumpkin seeds?

  1. Clean seeds after removing them from your pumpkin.
  2. Spray your stones or pans. I use either my thousand year old well used black and beaten pizza pan or a well seasoned stone (I have a Pampered Chef stone). I have better pans that I use for other things – but these seem to crisp things up better.
  3. Heat oven to 300 degrees F
  4. For 3-4 cups of cleaned seeds mix in a couple table spoons of olive oil and season to taste. I use a lot of garlic and a touch of seasoned salt. And why yes, Vampires DO eat garlic.
  5. Spread seeds on pans/stones and bake for 25 – 60 minutes. It all depends on how wet your seeds are. Figure it out as you go along and check every 10 minutes or so. When seeds are dry and crisp take them out. Feel free to taste while you cook (the sign of a good cook).

This isn’t a recipe for the exacting anal cook but it always turns out wonderful pumpkin seeds for me.

Happy Halloween!


Clean out your pumpkin.


Carve it. Admire it. Smile because it is so happy and scary!


Clean your seeds.


Turn oven to 300 F.


Season and mix.


Put seeds in the oven.


Go admire your Jack-o-Lanterns.

Nom nom nom! Seeds are ready and crunchy and yummy! And good for you!


Happy Halloween!

~ Juliette

Paper Cuts – More Halloween Fun

More paper cutting fun…I have so much cutting these things out. The best is how much everyone enjoys these little guys. All cut free form off the top of my head.

Happy Halloween!

More paper cutting fun!

The Cutting Edge – Vampire Maman Has Halloween Fun with Paper!

Halloween Paper Cutting Fun with Vampire Maman

When I was a small girl my mother showed me how to cut simple paper dolls with paper. Since then I’ve been cutting free form paper dolls – just for fun.

I don’t draw anything out – I just visualize a costume or character in my head, fold the paper, start at the feet, and cut.

As my Halloween treat to you, I’m going to share a few things I quickly cut this morning. It takes 30 seconds to 3 minutes to cut one of these little guys.


Happy Halloween. Don’t run with scissors!

I’d planned on doing something really scary but Vampire Maman has been really busy lately and my brain is on overload. Vampires can’t be scary all the time and we do a lot more than sleep and drink blood – especially when we have busy teens with school and sports and friends – not to mention the husband, elders, pets, a house to keep up, and a full time job, plus a blog to keep up –  you parents out there know how it is….
And sometimes real life can be a horror in itself. The PE teacher who bullies kids (I’m working on that one not trying to get my  blood pressure up over it), the elections, the horrible storm on the East coast, and friends who are dealing with health and economic issues right now. But in turn there are the little moments with good people of all kinds that make it good and warm and safe. Thank goodness for that.

The Most Frightening Thing In The World!!!!


I had the best intentions of posting a bevy of wonderful Halloween postings. I had plans for scary stories, Vampire tales, Halloween crafts, more cocktails and movies reviews…


Unfortunately like a lot of working moms I ran out of time.


So I was thinking “What to most adults is the most FRIGHTENING thing in the world?”


Answer: A 13 year old girl


Last night my own 13 year old girl (8th grade) started to do her own musings.


She said:


“You know what I can’t stand? Stupid people. They drive me crazy. It isn’t like there is anything wrong with them. They’re just stupid.”




“You know those boys who think they’re all that and God’s gift to women. They’re just fat, stupid, stinky boys. I just want to tell them get over yourself, you’re nothing special. When they get into high school with all of those mature buffed boys they’ll realize that they’re nothing.”




“I can tell you already who will be the first one to be arrested and the first one to get pregnant in my class.”




“I don’t know why anyone smokes. It just makes you look stupid, ruins your skin, stinks and gives you cat butt mouth. And it’s expensive. Why is smoking even legal?”




“Would you mind if I went to Princeton? It is a good school isn’t it?”




And all of that comes from my sweet, well adjusted, wonderful, kind, lovely 13 year old girl.


She also asks (almost daily) why there are still countries where girls don’t get an education. She asks why in some places girls are married off to men they don’t love. She asks why girls aren’t valued in some parts of the world. I try to give her answers but it just pisses me off too.


She also gets upset when she sees kids bullied and stands up for them when she can. She will also stand by her opinion and even if she gets into trouble I’m proud of her for standing up for what she believes is right.


I’m glad she sees the “big picture”.


And I’m glad that I know, deep down in my heart, that she’ll never marry a stupid boy. She’ll find herself a smart one!