America’s Got Talent Night – is anyone watching except us?

TV-WatchingOK I have to admit this is a stretch…a Modern Vampire Family watching America’s Got Talent every summer and blogging about it. It is a stretch but LOOK it is happening right here and now…and you’re part of it. But maybe not because unlike last year, I don’t think anyone is reading my AGT posts this summer. Hmmmm. So if you perchance see this post I’ll be doing more space exploration, vampire stories, inspirational parenting stuff and fashion tips or whatever later this week. It has been one of those stressful weeks for me where I just need to unwind and clear my brain and watch talent shows and you know, silly stuff.

This summer has been somewhat of a disappointment (with AGT, I hope not with this blog).

Tonight only two acts (out of two hours of acts) stood out.

The first was Olivia Rox a 14-year-old singer. She was cute and poised and had a great style. And she sang that song better than the Beeb ever did (we’re not Beeb fans here). But Olivia, oh Olivia you rocked it.

The second was a Marine from Kentucky named Jimmy Rose. Jimmy is a former coal miner with deep roots and a deeper heart and soul. This guy has TALENT – FINALLY. And of course he has a million dollar smile. We were all digging the red cowboy boots. Go Jimmy Rose. We know you have a long musical career ahead of you.

The other acts that went through were ok and I’d better write them down before I FORGET them. It was sort of like a school talent show tonight. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE school talent shows but this isn’t a school talent show. They’re looking for a million dollar act.

Mat, Hona and Dave played a HUGE guy like a drum. They were all from Salt Lake City. Wow. It was unusual and a lot of fun and sort of weird and wonderful and happy.

The Break Dancing Sword Swollower – Yuck.

The Skaters who did ice skating on plastic. Oh come on. They were so lame. Show me some real skating. Do it on wheels and do it well. Ho Hum and BLAH.

Sensations – danced with optics, black light stuff and stuff like that. OK but sort of a yawn.

Kid Hoochie Dancers Daniella and Yosha. Not cute. OK the boy was cute. The girl could have been cute but she was, well, a brat. Teddy (my husband) said she’ll be a stripper when she grows up and he will be a back up dancer for a Broadway show (not a bad gig). Clara (age 14) said “She seems like a little brat.” School show talent stuff – and you all know how I dislike small children shaking their booties like club dancers (exploitation)

212 Green from Harlem, NYC. A family of talented kids who have a sweet little band. Teddy and 17 year Garrett thought they had no talent. Clara thought they were just ok but not more. I thought they were really cute.

Chloe Chanelle age 11. A cute kid country singer. If she tells stories as well as sings she has a good future. She told hunting stories. Cute girl.

What was up with the random Balloon Lady?

And that is all I’m going to mention tonight. No cocktails tonight.

The highlight and lowlight – we learned there are arson fires in the area where we live near Sacramento, CA. That is so evil. Today our friends were evacuated from their home due to one of those fires. But our friend was on the news and looked good on camera as he spoke about living so close to the fire. We live in a high fire area. In light of recent events around where we live and all over the West, fire is scary and there are tragic consequences. Our memories are full of fires and tragedies. Please be careful and report any suspected arsonists.

Listen to Smokey Bear and if you’re home on Tuesday night watch America’s Got Talent with us. We can compare notes.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Four judges this year  - so far so good.

Four judges this year – so far so good.

6 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent Night – is anyone watching except us?

  1. I’m kind of really busy and the time difference makes it hard to watch this. But if I feel like, I keep myself up to date online.
    Still I like your post!

    • I never watched Lost but I can tell you all about it through hearing people talk about it!

      It is the only talent sort of thing we watch. It has become one of those weird things. But I’ll keep you up on all of the good acts and when the best and final ones come along I’ll try to add Youtube links!

      Thanks for visiting. I guess this blog is sort of like a variety show…nobody ever knows what is going to show up and attempt to entertain.

  2. I like AGT, but I have been distracted this summer. Thanks for the brief highlights and low-lights (not lowlife’s). I don’t like sword swallowing as a form of entertainment as a rule, nor do I like snake charming. That guy looked like a new feature story for Fatal Attractions. The brother sister act singing and such was sort of cute, but not that great. What about the cute Bichon Frise Bailey? I liked him, but can’t see it as an hour-long act. I actually didn’t watch the second hour of AGT, but appreciate your updates!

    • I didn’t post anything on it last night because I was waiting for something to just WOW me. Maybe next week or after the first round I’ll get back on it. I agree with you on the sword swallowing – I don’t like it. Last night we were all feeling sorry for the poor snake. It was a beautiful animal and just wanted to get away. I really wasn’t truly WOWed with much of anything last night except the guy from Japan (forgot his name) who did the dancing with the animation (his own work). He was fun. We also liked the comic and the brother & sister band (too cute). The dog was darling but…not enough. The opera guy is also sweet but we’re tired of his sad story and I don’t think he can go up against the three guys in Forte. But, yes, I loved that dog. I’m normally not a fan of small dogs but every Bichon Frise I’ve met has been a darling.

      Good or bad, AGT has become a summer family “pile-on-the-couch-together-and-yell-at-the-TV” family tradition for us. I can’t post all of the comments because my husband uses too many bad words. And they all think I clap like Heidi but they think I’m smarter than she is. They’re getting a lot of mileage out of that one. LOL.


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