Burning Question #38: Rule Breakers

What fresh Hell is this? NOOOOOOOOOOO.

Saturday is here – Time For Burning Question #38.

This whole Burning Question thing came out of an afternoon with sports playing on the Tee Vee and somebody asking “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” I say NO. A lot of people said yes (really?) Then I decided, against my better judgement, to have 50 BURNING QUESTIONS. SO here we go on #38.

  • Some people are rule followers.
  • Some people don’t follow the rules.
  • Some people are in prison. Some aren’t.
  • The laws of nature seem pretty solid unless…certain events change them, but maybe not.
  • Philosophy is confusing.
  • Physics is confusing.
  • Motion and momentum are connected.
  • Do you follow the exact rules when you play Monopoly. If you answer YES you’re a LIAR. Nobody follows the rules exactly.

But, but, but… some rules can’t be broken. Ever. Never.

Or is there an exception? Or is it just laws that are meant to be broken?

Of course we all know that hearts can be, and will be broken. Is that a rule? Feel free to discuss it below.

Burning Question #38: Is there an exception to every rule?

Read this carefully. Is there an exception to EVERY rule? Not just some but EVERY rule.


I posted this for no reason. I just thought it was stupid and funny. This blog has no rules therefore there are no rules to be broken.

I have nothing else to say on this matter. Did it make your head spin? Discuss this below. Or discuss whatever you want. Do you have your Christmas lights up yet? Do you have a dog? Do you make biscuits from scratch or from a can? Are you wondering what Vlad the Vampire King doing for the holidays? Let me know. Share. Please.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. I make biscuits from scratch. I have a cat. Yes I want to know what Vlad is doing for the holidays. No I do not have Christmas anything up yet. I like to procrastinate.

  2. I love the Coughing. When I was kid I had a friend who’s dad was a coffin maker. He and his brothers and sisters had surplus child-sized coffins at the ends of their beds that they said they used for toy boxes. There were other coffins around the house. I didn’t think about it back then, but perhaps they were vampires and his dad being a coffin maker was a cover. As you know I have cats. I rarely make muffins, but when I do I make them from scratch. I never put up Christmas lights, and I only occasionally decorate one of our bonsai trees for the holidays.

  3. As for what Vlad is doing for the holidays, I’m just imagining him trying to put a tinsel garland around his Christmas tree and not succeeding. It keeps unravelling and flopping down on his head. And he’s getting tinsel stuck in his hair. Poor thing. 😦

  4. I almost had said yes… then I almost had said no… and finally it dawned to me… cats are the only ones with exceptions…
    Let’s say it like this: of course, one can bend rules occasionally. But if it comes to death… every human has to die. So, no. But vampires aren’t humans, so yes. In a confused way, this makes sense. But cats have 9 lives and therefore are the exceptions of the rules. I’m confusing myself.

  5. There are only two universal rules in this universe….

    1. All non-property payments are pooled in the middle of the board and collected by a player when they land on Free Parking in Monopoly. It’s the only reason that damned space even exists…

    2. Every squirrel photo is cute.

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