Vampire Masquerade Ball – Costumes Round 2 – Dress Designs for Nancygail

As a rule, Vampires tend to be exceptionally charming, witty, well read and smart. Sometimes I feel like the exception to that, at least lately, but least I lament about my glum moods these days…where was I?

You always remember when you meet someone who is exceptionally witty and scary smart and sensitive in a charming and straight forward way without excessive sap and giddy sweetness that makes your teeth hurt…that is my friend Nancygail.

Much to my delight, she (and I hope her friend Hollie) will be attending the Vampire Masquerade Ball in August. 

I put together a few quick sketches for dresses (masks to come) and hope these designs aren’t too fussy for her.

So many dresses to design and so little time. No expense is to be spared on fabrics and trims.


  1. How very cool to be attending this! And Marla, another hidden talent! Great job on the sketches! I can’t draw anything so I really appreciate this talent! I hope you and hopefully Hollie, Nancygail have a ball at the ball! xo

  2. You’re so sweet! Marla isn’t here right now…but if you want to go to the ball with us DiAnne let me know we’ll make up a gown for you. Pink maybe or something else fabulous!

    ~ Juliette

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