Ask me anything and I’ll answer (within reason)

Advice for Everyone

Thursday is coming up and that means another “Ask Juliette” (Ask a Vampire) advice column. If you have any questions about parenting, relationships, Vampires, politics, gardening, burning, history, love, pets or, well, you get it. Just ask and I’ll answer on Thursday.

Yes, this is an advice column. Do you need advice or a bit of life coaching. I’m here for you.

Send your questions to juliettevampiremom at gmail dot com. Or you can leave your questions below in the comments.

Glad to help.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



6 thoughts on “Ask me anything and I’ll answer (within reason)

  1. It seems to me (wink) that Vampires have superior senses — including touch. What thread count would you recommend for their bed sheets, and what other creature comfort home upgrades would you suggest for interior decorating?

  2. How about a sports question? With this being an even year, do you think the Giants will be hoisting the World Series trophy again, or will all that money they spent on pitchers who weren’t exactly at the top of their game last year come back to bite them?

  3. Can a vampire tell the difference in blood type alleles? Does it affect the flavor? Moreover: could a vampire conceivably recognize a disease detectable by science merely by taste alone? Finally: is the blood of a single person distinct enough that, if a drop were left behind from someone a vampire had tasted it once before, that they could recognize it as belonging to that individual?

    I’m completely Team Vlad, BTW.


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