The Blogging Adventure Continues With Vampire Maman

I write with a glass of red wine and a soft gray cat in celebration because today is the third anniversary of my blogging adventure.

Yes, I’m still here on my odd little Vampire parenting blog. I’m glad you’re here too reading my thoughts on life, love, teenagers, my family, coffee, sleep, Ghosts, Werewolves and other random thoughts. And poetry – you can’t forget the poetry.

Thank you all for your support and your comments. I can’t even start to tell you how much I enjoy having you here and writing for you.

In honor of this event I tried to make a list of my favorite top 60 posts. Unfortunately I couldn’t come up with a list that small. I’ve posted over 1,000 posts in all and I like 95% of them. That said, I have to admit I have my favorites.

So to give those of you who are new here a taste of what this blog is about… and to give the rest of you a walk down memory lane here is The Best of Vampire Maman.

Juliette’s Favorite Sixty (not in any particular order of preference)

Click on the name (and you’ll magically be transported to the post and yes, I forgot to add the time traveler stories here – do a search and you’ll find them.)

  1. When You Grow Old
  2. Look away and I will be gone
  3. One of those Days
  4. You wait at my door
  5. The Art of Love Letter Writing is Alive and Well
  6. Never Shout Never – Absolutely Never
  7. My Christmas Necklace
  8. My kids don’t care if you have their music for no reason. They do care if you hate people for no reason.
  9. Lost keys and lies
  10. Personal Hygiene, Vampire Hunters and Real friends…and don’t forget the Marx Brothers
  11. The Hunter
  12. Dark Dreams of the Haunted
  13. False Starts, Lost Dreams, Finding Love and an Ancient Tabby
  14. Thank You for Pissing Off My Teenage Daughter
  15. Yes, it is complicated – almost as much as a unicorn, a squirrel and a possum going into a bar.
  16. Innocenzio D’Antonio
  17. Driving in the Dark
  18. My Own Vampire Maman
  19. Lost Keys and Lies
  20. This Guy…
  21. Love her for who she is – not who you want her to be
  22. My haunted ghost
  23. Lost and found
  24. Delivered to your door
  25. Passings in the night
  26. Musings on Parenthood
  27. Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Pluto. The Brilliant Logic of Youth
  28. Masquerade – Designs for Nancygail
  29. Demons
  30. A Lunch Date With Zombies
  31. Taking care of our elders – Vampire Style
  32. Musings on a Vampire Birthday
  33. Dancing on the Beach
  34. Morning at the Vineyard
  35. The Travelers
  36. Vampire Diary
  37. Demons
  38. Dawn of the Undead
  39. Never Shout Never – Absolutely Never
  40. Guys are Stupid
  41. A normal Vampire teen – love poems and letting go
  42. We destroy and help make screaming silence
  43. Sit and chat
  44. Musings on loss and love and life
  45. Vampire Housewarming
  46. If you need something done ask a busy person
  47. A Christmas Journey (with cats, a train ride, vampires and a cat)
  48. Silver Webs and Silken Bats
  49. His Beating Heart
  50. Everything will be alright
  51. Sex, Lies and Vampire Parenting Blogging
  52. The Very Old and Fragile – Life, Love and Ashes
  53. Why Vampires wear yellow flip flops
  54. Mysterious Friendships
  55. Musings on Gassy Planets, High School and Uncle Max
  56. Monsters in Love
  57. It was like…
  58. Coffee with a ghost
  59. Art Love and the Romantic Soul
  60. Vampire House Warming


To be honest with you I need a top 250 to do this justice. Maybe another day or… hey, just explore my blog! Take your time and have fun. Keep an open mind – not just with my blog but with all things.

And check out the blogs of my friends who visit here. You’ll discover all sorts of wonderful things.

As always I’m happy with comments, questions and general fun.

Also check out The Hunter Series (click here). I love this series.

AND check out Astonishing Mars Photos (click here).


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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