Burning Questions? SUBMIT HERE.

I don’t really mean questions about burning as in trash, campfires, and pork chops.  I mean questions that MUST be answered.

Do you have any burning parenting, relationship, vampire or general paranormal questions? Do you have other non math related questions?

If so then ASK JULIETTE (ASK A VAMPIRE) Advice for Everyone.

My advice column is featured HERE on the blog Vampire Maman every Thursday. Click HERE to check out last week’s post.

This is FREE advice for EVERYONE! Yes, you too!

I might even add some of Teddy’s cocktails if you ask.

So far for this week I have a question about bats  and a question about embracing the night. I’m open for more.

Either post them here or email me at juliettevampiremom@gmail.com


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

11 thoughts on “Burning Questions? SUBMIT HERE.

  1. I’ve been made aware of a situation that could benefit from the unique advice of a vampire mom: an orphan who ran afoul of a vampire while in foster care and survived an attempt to turn him.

    While the boy didn’t become undead himself, he was left alive with a few unique abilities in addition to his memory of the experience. He hasn’t adjusted well but keeps his secret, and adults haven’t been able to get through to him even though they sense he’s hurting.

    Another vampire close to the situation is considering taking a more active role in his development. As a survivor of a similar attack herself, she’s afraid she’ll only do him harm but hopes the boy can relate even with a ten-year age difference. She is considering enrolling them both into a shared activity like martial arts as a means to built trust and get him to open up naturally, but she has serious doubts and wonders if she shouldn’t just stay as far away from the situation as possible.

    What would a vampire mom do to help the boy in this situation, a parentless child in need but not a blood relative?

    Asking for a friend.


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