Burning Question #20: Observe the Flirt


It is now time for me to tease you with another Burning Question!

I like my men to be confident, smart, and flirty.
~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

But some people have a less than lovely view of flirts. They have a somewhat vile view of flirts.

Some believe flirts hurt.

From the Royal Path of Life (1883)

Flirting is a horrid outrage upon the most holy and exalted feelings of the human soul, and the most sacred and important relation of life. It is a vulgarism and wickedness to be compared only to blasphemy. It had, and still has, its origin in the basest lust. The refined soul is always disgusted with it.

You can read the entire text at the end of this post – AFTER you click your answer on the poll. It is from my own copy of the highly entertaining and educational publication.

If the passage above is true then my husband Teddy, who also happens to be a Vampire, and an outrageous flirt would be considered a crass unrefined soul. That makes me so sad. Even now he flirts. If he walks into a room he can make any woman feel beautiful. He can make any man laugh. He is charming and such a flirt. Is that wrong?

But what about when flirting is mean spirited. Maybe it isn’t really flirting, or is it? That is the burning question.

Some think it should be an Olympic sport. In that case I’d have a case full of medals. My husband would have a warehouse full.

So I’ll put it to you…

Burning Question #20: Is Flirting a Good Thing?


If you have an opinion or statement, or want to flirt with me or anyone else around here please leave a comment. It would be fabulous and delightful.


I’ll see you next Saturday for the next BURNING QUESTION.

In the meantime, I wouldn’t recommend you flirt with disaster but if you must, you must.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman






    1. It is a riot. There are chapters on about a hundred subjects including marriage, home, youth, labor, courting, etc. It is a riot. Whenever I hear someone talking about “the good old days,” I wonder what the hell they’re talking about.

      1. Yeah, but… I’m constantly worried I’m compelling someone to like me — because I know I can. I also had a famous falling-out with someone (she’s a close friend now) who first didn’t like me when we met. Wow, did I take that personally… like fangs-out personally.

  1. Of course flirting is a good thing… it’s even better… it’s great. If you meet a flirt-master it is a time of exquisite emotional dancing… it makes you feel good and increases your self-esteem.
    Oh… it’s a long time ago…

  2. I chose the earworm because socially inept people like me don’t flirt. Which, given what is considered sexual harassment these days, is probably a good thing….

    1. Awwwwww man, I didn’t even think of the sexual harassment thing. I’m talking innocent mutual flirting here. I guess you’re right with the ear worm. Flirtin with disaster.

  3. I can’t say yes or no because I do still flirt despite the habit, and when it’s all done in fun and innocence it’s fine. But there are still jealous partners and suspicious minds and people who are just down right shifty who think that because you flirted with them once you’ll be up for more. So it can be fun, but it can also be dangerous.

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