What is your favorite trait in a politician? Or a Vampire? Hey, they’re not the same.

With all of the debates and crazy and totally insane political crap going on right now it is high time I do an official political poll. You may choose one or more answers and you may do the polls as many times as you want (to make sure it is fair and completely scientific.)



What is your favorite trait in a politician?



What is your favorite trait in a Vampire?



If everybody running for President of the United States VANISHED today, who do you think should run? Who would you replace them with?



What do you like to eat?


I added the last one in case I have a party or have your over to watch a movie anytime soon.

All of the answers will be scientifically tabulated and sent to all of the major news organizations. Thank you for your time.

Vote today and vote often.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


10 thoughts on “What is your favorite trait in a politician? Or a Vampire? Hey, they’re not the same.

  1. Full disclosure: it would have been a tough choice to choose between my dad and Batman, but my final choice needed to be someone with my own needs in mind. You know, the kind of politician who’s out for blood when they need to be. 😏

      • I hope it had been that. That actually sounds legit. I just put ignorant to umbrella stuff like “totally clueless” and all the other stuff that were clearly referring to an orange-faced man with comb-over blonde hair. … That guy.

  2. Hee, fun 🙂
    I don’t know if US politicians are big on “kissing babies” (or if US parents are willing to let the likes of Trump near their kids) but wouldn’t it be fun to watch their faces if you found out they were afraid of babies and small children? 🙂

    • No, they only kiss butt. Seriously, I’m not kidding. That is ALL they want to kiss (and women they aren’t married to.)

      I’m sure that one has his personal chef bake babies up with shallots and wine.

  3. I’m sure that if the Orange Eejit does get elected, and if enough of you petitioned us here in the UK, we’d let you come under our rule again while a suitable replacement was found. After all, Her Majesty has known all Presidents for the last 60+ years, and therefore probably has a good idea about how to run the USA during the interim.

    I can’t understand why no-one’s tried to kill him off yet. (Or David Cameron for that matter.)


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