Burning Question #10: Humorous Byproducts


This week I want you to make sure your thinking caps are secure. It is time for Burning Question #10.

We’re going to be conscious about the seriousness of this question today. We’re also going to try to stay awake, which is another type of consciousness. We’re going to try to keep our humor about ourselves. And we’re going to all get along or something weird with Vampires might happen and you don’t want THAT.


Excuse me, um yes, we’re going to be philosophical today. On a personal note, true story, I used to date a guy who knew everything about Kant. On a parenting note tell your kids not to date philosophy majors. But I Kant* talk about that now…


Burning Question #10: Is a sense of humor a byproduct of consciousness or something else entirely?




And then there are cats but they aren’t part of this question. That is another question entirely. Dogs are included in that as well. But are cats and dogs even conscious of their own existence? Do they have a sense of humor? The answer is YES and YES on both, at least for cats. OK for dogs too. Cats are just such assholes that they don’t give a shit what anybody thinks but they’ll eat your byproducts (so will dogs.)


This has been the 10th of 50 Burning Questions. Only 40 more Burning Questions to go. See you next Saturday for #11.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


*Kant didn’t say any of this and is no doubt now rolling over in his grave right now, or he might be laughing. You never know. His name just makes for a great pun. 




  1. It is definitely something else. I think it is a gift. A talent we either have – or not. I’m feeling a bit sorry for the ones who are not gifted with humor. They are missing so much!

    1. That kitten is sooooo adorable. As long as it isn’t my gray kitty I’d say go for it. Actually that sounds like a great answer to me. Cats always make me laugh.

  2. I honestly have no idea how to answer this burning question since I’m not philosophical enough to even understand it. I’m not sure where our sense of humor comes from. I do know my cats don’t find me to be the least bit amusing, nor will they laugh at any of my jokes…

    1. I keep telling everyone that those cats are assholes. As for humor. I don’t have any idea where it comes from thus the reason for asking the question. OK that wasn’t the reason. I just wanted to put in another answer about eating mermaids and it made me laugh.

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