Burning Questions

I want answers.

I have questions for the ages.

These questions are important.

I am asking YOU to answer 50 BURNING QUESTIONS.

YOU will provide the answer. YES YOU. I’ve got a polls and the links right here on this page.

Each Saturday for fifty (50) weeks I will be asking a BURNING QUESTION. Join me in finding the answers. We’re all waiting.

Please comment as well if you want. I encourage it.

Burning Question #1: Is A hotdog a sandwich?

Burning Question #2: Star Trek or Star Wars?

Burning Question #3: Are Space Aliens really cats?

Burning Question #4: Is love blind?

Burning Question #5: Titanic Edition.

Burning Question #6: If you eat a mermaid is it cannibalism? 

Burning Question #7: Does Tarzan Shave?

Burning Question #8: A Tool or A Tree?

Burning Question #9: Do Ghosts Exist?

Burning Question #10: Humorous Byproducts

Burning Question #11: Would you become a Vampire?

Burning Question #12: Are Deer Dear?

Burning Question #13: Be Positive (a question of negativity and blood)

Burning Question #14: The Pineapple Dilemma

Burning Question #15: Dinosaur Daze

Burning Question #16: In Honor of the 2018 World Cup


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